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Remember Chris Hani

A2 poster litho green, black, gold; photo Chris Hani; text: Remember Chris Hani People's Hero Vote ANC

Remember Oliver Tambo

A2 poster litho black green gold, photo OR Tambo; text: Remember Oliver Tambo People's Hero Vote ANC

Umlibambe lingashoni - hold up the sun

A2 poster full colour, picture of crowd with ANC flag; text: Umlibambe Lingashoni - Hold up the Sun - A five part video documentary series on the ANC and popular power in the making.

Ten commandments for voters

A2 poster litho full colour, drawings of people; text: 10 Commandments for Voters: 1. You have nothing to fear. Remember that your vote is secret. Only you and God know how you vote.2. Watch out for wolves in sheep's clothing.

Second Definitive Series 1993-10-01: butterflies

White background with artwork of outlines of butterflies on it. Coloured replicas of postage stamps of butterflies, issued in 1993. Windhoek, Namibia.

Public debate: the economy after apartheid

Notice of an ANC, Eastern Johannesburg Zone, public debate on Wednesday, 10th March 1993, at Catholic Renewal Centre, Kensington. List of speakers. Dark blue and white poster. ANC logo.

Win with the SACP

Black, red, yellow and white poster. Advertisement for a competition to build the SACP and win a trip to China. Photograph of a pagoda. Artwork of an african woman holding a stick. SACP logo.

Education for liberation

Gold and black poster. Notice of a conference at Camden Town Hall, London, on Saturday 3rd April 1993. Organised by the Black Solidarity Committee of the Anti-Apartheid Movement in London. List of speakers.

Postage stamps 1993: May-June

White and brown poster. Coloured replicas of postage stamps issued in Southern Africa during 1993.

Defend Democracy Stand Up Against Right-Wing Terrorism

A2 black and white, partial text:

6th Definitive Series

Light grey and white background. Green lettering. Coloured replicas of postage stamps of threatened fauna issued in Pretoria, South Africa during 1993.

ECCF peace festival '93

White poster. Notice of festival at Wits Students Union. List of attractions and speakers. Blue and white image of brick wall. Broken chain with ECC at top border. Blue and white chain border.

Now is the time for worker rights

Multicoloured poster. Notice of COSATU Special Congress, 10-12 September 1993. COSATU logo. Yellow, red and black border. Photograph of crowd in front of Union Buildings, Pretoria.

The Discerning Cinema Goer: 17 September 1993, The Mall of Rosebank

Multicoloured poster. Artwork of a face. Advertisement for a cinema in Rosebank Mall.

Postage stamps: October-December 1993

White and brown background. Coloured replicas of postage stamps issued during 1993. Transkei and Venda. Also invader plants.

Voting station

Voter Education poster. Multicoloured cartoon by Zapiro showing the voting process. Issued by the Voter Education and Elections Training Unit. Poster has three languages, English and two other South African indigenous languages.

The People's Festival Fun Valley

A2 red,yellow, black on whitye silkscreen; graphic of band playing; text: Juluka, Brenda and the Big Dudes, Hotline, Malombo, Mara Louw, Sakhile, Isja, Afubi, Carlos Dje Dje; Peace; Fun Valley; The People's Festival

Oxford: 1950s-1960s: the people resist!

Black, brown, cream and red poster. Photograph of march to Union Buildings by 20,000 women on 9th August 1956 to protest against the pass laws. Issued by the Apartheid Musuem.

Oxford: 1950s: enforcing apartheid

Brown, red and black poster. Quote from Bram Fischer. Photographs of scenes from apartheid. Issued by the Apartheid Museum. Short bits of history and photographs.

Child art: kinderkuns: 1994-07-01

Yellow poster with red artwork border of children holding hands. Artwork of five postage stamps painted by children in Cape Town. Kleinmond logo.


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