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1st May : May Day meeting

White poster giving notice of May Day meeting. Image of black flag with title in white letters. Black image of factory with closed sign on it. List of speakers from COSATU, AZAPO, AZACTU and UDF. Meeting at Ramakrishna Hall on Thursday 1st May.

1er encuentro nacional de la juventud Nicaraguensa

Black, white, yellow and red poster. Artwork of people raising musical instruments over their heads.

1998 Code of Conduct

Gauteng Provincial Government logo. Blue, red and yellow calendar. Copy of the Code of Conduct. South African Police service logo. Issued by the Department of Public Safety and Security.

1998 Calendar

Multicoloured poster. Green flag in centre with artwork of a woman's head and initials UWCO. Artwork of Union Buildings and women protesting. UDF Logo.

1992: AAB

Black and white poster. Calendar for 1992 from the Anti-Apartheid - Bewegung, Osterreich (Austria). Important dates in history of freedom of other countries shown. Impressionist artwork of people.

1991 COSATU Campaigns

Yellow and black poster. Notice of campaigns for 1991 by COSATU. Photograph of men, women and children holding placards. COSATU Logo.

1990: The other press service

Offset litho, black and yellow calender; 1990: The other press service

1990 calendar

Cream, black,,white, red and blue poster. Photograph of a city with a river. Possibly Russian.

1990 ARDA Calendar

January to December calendar for ARDA. Coloured artwork of tea and dairy production by ARDA. Artwork of tea being poured into a cup. ARDA Logo.

1989 inter church carol service : Halleluiah the truth is born.

White poster with black and red lettering. Notice of Carol Service on 10th December 1989. Black and white drawing of a manger scene. Venue Welbedacht, Road 751 (co Bhanas Stores).

1989 : Namibian workers unite for a living wage!

Cream poster with black lettering. Photo of people marching. Issued by the National Union of Namibian Workers.

1988: Ecumenical decade: Churches in solidarity with women

White background with black lettering. Five black and white photographs of women. List of aims of Ecumenical Decade. Words of poem from Judith 9 : 11-16.

1988 Calendar

Multicoloured African artwork, man dancing and people eating at a table. Blue background. 1988 Calendar by Caroline Cullinan.

1988 Calendar

Calendar for 1988. Green flag with initials UWCO. Red, green, yellow, black and white artwork of a woman behind the Union Buildings in Pretoria. Artwork of two other women.

1988 : January to December Calendar EDA

Coloured photograph of women pounding staple food. Blue calendar at bottom with white numbers. EDA calendar.


Orange, black and white calendar for 1987. List of principles and policies of two organisations. List of unions affiliated to CUSA/AZACTU. List of Offices. Artwork of people protesting.

1987-1997: SAMWU poster

Yellow poster with black, red and yellow lettering. SAMWU logo. Black and white photographs of protests over the last ten years.

1987 Calendar

Natal Organisation of Women (NOW) Calendar. Black and white photographs of everyday scenes in apartheid South Africa.

1986: working together: EDA and Afrapix calendar

Black and white poster. EDA (Environmental Development Agency) and Afrapix calendar. Cover page. Words 'working together' in three languages.

1986 worker's diary

Red, white and black poster. Advertisement for 1986 worker's diary. List of contents. Ravan Press publication. Artwork of people marching. Words 'organise a million workers in 1986!'.


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