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Asinamali: Unite

Silkscreened; Black and green; Asinamali: Unite

Izwelethu! I-Afrika!: sikhokhelwa ngabasebenzi nabalimi

Offset litho; Black; Izwelethu! I-Afrika!: Sikhokhelwa Ngabasebenzi Nabalimi

CAYCO demands rents we can afford

Offset litho; Black on yellow; CAYCO Cosatu demands : Rents we can afford : Youth and workers unite : Fight for a living wage : There shall be work and security

Mineworkers say: Workers charter for a new South Africa

Offset litho; Black; Mineworkers say: Workers charter for a new South Africa

Councillors : No houses

Silkscreened; black and green; Councillors : No houses : Are you one of us?

Mass meeting: COSAS calls on all parents, teachers and students

Silkscreened;red; Mass meeting: Cosas calls on all parents, teachers and students

Socialism kills - Free markets feed

Red and blue with photograph of children in an informal settlement

Unity in action

Silkscreened; brown, green on blue; Unity in action

Stop LeGrange's law: no to a permanent emergency

Black and white background and lettering.

Let's have houses not war

White background with black lettering; image of protestors demonstrating for housing; with amounts showing difference in the budget for armed forces in comparison to the housing budget.

It'll be a great day when our day care centers have all the money they need and the navy has to hold a bake sale to buy battleships

White background with colourful lettering; child-like drawing of a ship.

Release Mandela Campaign remembers Rivonia Trial

Newspaper clipping on poster

No to removals: yes to an undivided South Africa

White background with black and white image of a woman sitting outside a tent overlooking clothes on a washing line.

Don't vote: a vote for community councils is a vote against the people

White background with image of people demonstrating and flying a banner. UDF logo on the bottom left of the poster with words UDF unites, apartheid divides.

Breaking the chains

Graphic of PAC and head with chain links breaking

Whose reality Mr. Botha?: we reject your facts

White background with black lettering and images of map of South Africa in red, behind bars. UDF logo at the bottom right of the poster.

Amandla!Maatla!: en film om sydafrikansk ungdom

Amandla! Maatla!

Away with 10 percent GST and rent hikes

Silkscreened; red; Away with 10 percent GST and rent hikes

Women rrise!

Yellow, black, grey and red poster. Artwork of women with fists raised, protesting. Words 'organise, unite for people's power!'.

Mineworkers reject retrenchment

Offset litho; black; Mineworkers reject retrenchment


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