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9th August : South Africa Women's Day : 30th anniversary.

Yellow poster with green border and black lettering. List of demands from the Freedom Charter. Two grey images of women holding rifles over wording.

91233 trees uprooted

Multicoloured poster. Impact of land seizure on olive trees in Palestine. Artwork of Olive trees and flag.


Multicoloured poster. Artwork of a man holding a white dove.

9. Know your rights

Page 9 of folder 2858. ECC poster. White with black lettering. Advertisement for ECC booklet "Know Your Rights in the SADF". Cartoon of a girl saying goodbye to a conscript at train station giving him this book. Cartoon in English and Afrikaans.

9 months old baby killed in Boipatong: why?

White poster with black and red lettering. Red blood dripping down poster. Title only.

9 Aug : National Women's Day

Yellow poster. Title in black lettering. Green rays at top of poster. Quote from Bible - Galations 3 : 27. Black and white drawing of woman breaking chain. Two women's heads on either side.

75 years of the ANC: unban the ANC

Yellow, black and green poster. 75th Anniversary of the ANC. 8th January 1912 - 8th January 1987. Photos of Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo. History of the ANC and its 75 year logo.

70th birthday greetings Nelson Mandela

Yellow background, green lettering. Black and white photograph of a young Nelson and Winnie Mandela. ANC logo. Issued in London. Birthday greetings to Nelson Mandela.

7. Alternative service projects

Page 7 of folder 2858. White, yellow, black and blue poster. Copies of posters issued in 1986 for the 'Working for a Just Peace' campaign.

7 Oct: join the fast for a just peace

Blue and white ECC poster. Artwork of a white dove of peace. Notice of a church service at St. Anthony's Church, Centenary Road.

7 Congresso Regionale

C.G.I.L. multicoloured poster. Notice of a congress at Hotel Green, Magnano in Riviera.

6th Definitive Series

Light grey and white background. Green lettering. Coloured replicas of postage stamps of threatened fauna issued in Pretoria, South Africa during 1993.

6. Alternative national service

Page 6 of folder 2858. White with black lettering. End Conscription Campaign. Demands submitted to the Geldenhuys Committee on the 13th August 1985. Proposals for alternative service as discussed by ECC and SADF forwarded to General Malan.

6 March 1981 : Two years : Oscar Mpetha : Still on trial

Cream poster with black lettering and black border. Photo of Oscar Mpetha. UCT and SRC Stamp at bottom.

500 anos: ato de protesto

White poster with artwork of map of South America with a black christian cross, with red blood dripping from it, on top of the map. Artwork of hands breaking handcuffs. Notice of a meeting on 18th October 1992.

500 Anos de America Amazona

Blue and black poster. Artwork of sailing ships arriving at coast. Artwork of indigenous people with spears and shields and some in bondage. American amazon region. 500 years. October 1992.

500 anos

White poster with title in red letters. All other lettering in black. Artwork of a green map of South America with a black cross over it covered in blood. Two hands on either side of cross with broken chains. Notice of a protest meeting.

5. The brain drain

Page 5 of folder 2858. ECC poster. White with black lettering. Statistics regarding the brain drain between 1984 and 1987.

4000 dead and still counting

Black and white poster with title in red letters. Artwork of a dead face with names of people who died on December 2/3 1984, at Union Carbide in Bhopal, India, in rows across poster. BGA India poster to gather support to force Multinational company to pay compensation.

40 years of struggle for a living wage and conditions

Offset litho; black; 1946 -- 1986 : 40 years of struggle for a living wage and conditions : Then and Now : Mineworkers Say: Decent living conditions Not our privilage - Our Right


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