Thumbnail Title Description
Ready to vote

Voter education. White background, blue title, green lettering, showing different ID documents needed for voting purposes. IEC Logo.

Vrye Weekblad : 780 se nee

Title only. White background. Blue and black lettering.

Bhambatha's Children

Advertisement of play. Yellow background grey border, title in red other lettering in black photo of dancers on stage.

NUPAWO demands

Cream background with black lettering stating demands.

We remember Kinross

Cream background. Black lettering. NUM Logo. Photo of a miner. Details of disaster. NUM demands fair settlement out of court.

Forward to a living wage!

Southern Sun workers unite. Black and white poster with red border. Image of Southern Sun Hotel and workers shacks.

Solidarity! : support the strikers!

Solidarity poster. Support the strikers. White background with red and black lettering. COSATU Logo.


White background with dark red artwork and black lettering and images of three railway workers next to a railway track

I.E.C. workshop

Voter education workshop. White background with black lettering. IEC logo.

Apartheid : Release political detainees and prisoners of conscience

Release political detainess poster. White background with black lettering and image of two men in jail

Getting money after an accident at work

White background with black letting setting out conditions of workers compensation.

Afrique du Sud

Boycott Apartheid poster. White background with red lettering image of petrol pump bound with barbed wire

Gauta le tamane di feditse ditshaba

White background with red and white images of South African scenes mother feeding baby plus worker with pick axe

For a tomorrow free from oppression and exploitation

Title. Cream background with red lines across top and black and white image of worker holding barbed wire

Troops off turf : the doors of learning and culture shall be opened

Campaign poster for NUSAS. Yellow background with blue lettering and black border letters containing images of soldiers

Re-instate all dismissed workers! : Scrap the Labour Bill! : The struggle continues!

Scrap the Labour Bill poster. White background with red lettering black and white images of workers

Isolons le regime raciste d'Afrique du Sud

Anti-apartheid movement poster. White background with grey image of African continent South Africa cut off hanging on chain being cut with pliers

Take your hands off me I'm a worker not a toy!

Women's rights poster. White background with black lettering and image of a woman elbowing men out of the way

Tsogang : basadi

Women's rights poster. White background with black lettering and image of a woman with fist raised

Emergency! 1960 1985

Information on Arrests and Detentions poster. White background with black lettering showing number of arrests and detainees not known


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