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South African Labour Bulletin

Front cover of Labour Bulletin, May 1990. Volume 14, Number 8. Black and white photo of public sector workers on the march outside OK in Johannesburg. Black and white with orange lettering. Content - interview with SACP's Joe Slovo.

May Day 1990

Poster celebrating May Day 1990. White, red and black poster. Artwork of people marching carrying red flags. COSATU logo. List of demands.

The Open School children's art calendar 1990: May and June

Multicoloured poster by the Open School on the move.Two paintings and comments on problems in their lives by children.

Wits Autumn Festival

Main poster: black background with white and yellow lettering. Notice of fourth Wits Autumn Festival from 2nd to 6th May 1990 and contact number. Issued by the University of the Witwatersrand. Photo: Bob Cnoops. Image: Karel Nel "Forwards Omega Point".

Rally : Nzo-Slovo speak

ANC - SACP Rally poster. White poster with black lettering. Black and white photos of Nzo and Slovo. ANC and SACP Logos. Venue - FNB Stadium on 6th May 1990.

Rally: Nzo-Slovo speak

Multicoloured ANC poster. Notice of a rally at FNB Stadium on 6th May 1990. Photographs of speakers, Nzo and Joe Slovo. ANC and SACP logos.


Black, green, yellow and white poster. Notice of an ANC meeting at Mayfair Recreation Centre. Speakers Pallo Jordan and Sydney Mafumadi. Recruitment poster.

The Open School Children's Art Calendar 1991

Multicoloured artwork of various children. The open School on the Move Logo. Front page of calendar for 1991.

African National Congress 1990 calendar

January to December 1990 calendar. White poster with green and yellow and black lettering. Photograph and quote of Oscar Mpetha.

The Open School children's art calendar 1990: November - December

Multicoloured artwork by children and stories of difficulties in their lives. Calendar for 1990.

South African Labour Bulletin November 1990

Front cover of South African Labour Bulletin. Volume 15 Number 4, November 1990. Blue, black and white poster. Artwork of a Mercedes car with a machine gun coming out of the window. List of contents.

International Aids Day. : Dec. 1

Black poster. Issued by SAHWCO. White brickwork in centre with words - prevention is better than cure - word 'cure' crossed out - no cure! substituted. Use condoms - fight aids. Block in centre of brickwork with outlines of cartoon condom people.

COSATU WITS Regional Congress

Black poster with yellow lettering. COSATU Logo. List of issues to be discussed. Black and white photos of people protesting. Meeting on December 2nd 1990 at East Bank Hall, Alexandra.

SPEAK: ANC Women's League

A2 poster yellow black and white, graphic from poster for ANC Women's League by Charlotte Schaer; Text: SPEAK, ANC Women's League, South African Women March to Freedom

Speak: we are dying, my child

A2 litho poster green, black, on white; photo women crying; text: SPEAK: we are dying, my child. Women from Pietermaritzburg talk about the war; Siyafa Wemntanami; Abesifazane base Mgungundlovu baxoxa ngempi

Building the SACP!

Offset litho; black on red; Building the SACP!: First SACP District Launch Rally

Sicela ussizo iwenu kuvimbela isifo se ugciwane (Aids)

Multicoloured poster with rows of cartoon characters holding hands. Cartoon family in bottom right hand corner. Little red devil fleeing in bottom left hand corner. Lettering in green.


Front cover of Speak - a magazine for women. Blue cover with black and white photo of Johannesburg women marching to stop violence against women. 1991. No.34. List of contents

Would you buy a used political system from these people?

White poster with red lettering. Photos of four political leaders. Words 'from corrupt government to interim government'. Issued by SANSCO and NUSAS

South African Labour Bulletin

Blue poster with black lettering, front page of Bulletin. November 1990, Volume 15, Number 4. List of articles. Artwork of Mercedes car with man hanging out with gun in hand. Elephant's foot for one tyre. Flag on top with hammer and sickle on it. Words - 'Mercedes Benz sleep in.


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