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African National Congress (of South Africa)

Black, green, yellow and white French poster. Photographs of scenes of South Africa. ANC logo. Lutter Produire Apprendre logo.

African National Congress (S.A.)

Black and white poster. Photograph of small children. ANC logo.

African National Congress (South Africa)

White poster with red border and black lettering. Multicoloured image of African shield and spear in centre with words of the Freedom Charter on it.

African National Congress 1912-1982

Red, green, yellow, black and white poster. Artwork of a soldier reading ANC Speaks booklet, with a rifle. ANC Youth poster. Issued in Zambia. ANC 70 year anniversary

African National Congress 1990 calendar

January to December 1990 calendar. White poster with green and yellow and black lettering. Photograph and quote of Oscar Mpetha.

African National Congress : Peace and life

Brown borders top and bottom. Rainbow covering page with butterfly in the middle.

African National Congress Youth League : Launching rally

Notice of ANCYL rally on 27th October 1990 at Orlando Stadium. List of speakers. ANCYL Logo. Red, black and white poster.

African National Congress: for peace and life

Multicoloured poster for the ANC. Brown scalloped border. Artwork of a rainbow around a butterfly.

African National Congress: Year of the Cadre

Poster with white background and mostly black text. Some text in red. Calendar for six months from January to June 1985. List of important dates. Yellow, red, black and white artwork of Students marching. Tribute to students and youth from President O R Tambo underneath picture.

African Shield

Red poster with green border. Large black and white image of a shield and spear in centre with a circle overlaid. Black , green and yellow shield behind. Artwork only. No title or wording.

African shield

White poster with red border. Artwork of a red and black African shield with a black spear and a yellow and black circle. Black, green and yellow shield behind. No wording. Artwork only.

African study group 5

Red, black and white poster. Identical top and bottom. Two photographs of Agostinho Neto - 1922-1979. Artwork of two maps of Africa. Focus on the state.

Afrika Calendar 1985 : Vakalisa Art Associates

December 1985 calendar. Brown and pink calendar. Artwork of shadows of people. Poem by Peter Clarke and collage by Peter Clarke. Vakalisa Art Ass.

Afrique du Sud

Boycott Apartheid poster. White background with red lettering image of petrol pump bound with barbed wire

After 46 years of National Party Rule ... : These people want you to vote for them

Yellow background with black lettering. Green line border. Photos of all National Party prime ministers. ANC Logo. ANC election poster.

Agenda : A journal about women and gender

Orange poster with black lettering. Journal No. 1 1987. Photo of dancers in black leotards.


Multicoloured poster. Aids Awareness Programme, Southern African Bishops' Conference. Artwork of a man carrying a cross with the word AIDS on it.


Multicoloured artwork of a woman's profile containing a mosaic of images of women.

AIDS is a union issue

Black, red, yellow and white poster. AIDS education and prevention poster. COSATU, NACTU logos and issued by National Aids Program NPPHCN and their logo. Artwork of people holding placards against AIDS discrimination. Cartoon strip of discrimination in the workplace.

AIDS profiteer: Pfizer

Black and white poster. Photograph of William C. Steere Jr., CEO of Pfizer. Demand to reduce price of fluconazole.


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