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Silkscreened;black and red; Abasebenzi: Written and Directed by Mzwakhe

Abdullah Ibrahim: Dollar Brand

Black, orange, green and white poster. Artwork of Abdullah Ibrahim playing the piano. Fundraising and solidarity concert for ANC.

Act for freedom

White poster with black lettering and black border. Two people dancing. One with a flag with words "Theatre for a peoples culture". Printed by Action Workshop.

Act now to save Islington's youth clubs

Black, yellow, gold and white poster. Artwork of young children, city in the background, desert in between. Campaign to save youth clubs.

Action for democracy!: occupy the cities!

Black, yellow and white poster. Notice of intended meeting. Artwork of people with fists raised with city skyline in background. Logos of ANC, COSATU and SACP.

Actonville Child and Family Welfare Society

Copy of the Declaration of Children's Rights. Yellow poster with black lettering and zig zag border. Stick drawings of children around the edge.

Actstop: Mayfair public meeting

Cream poster with green lettering and black border. Black and white photograph of a two children on a swing, one white and one black. List of demands against the Group Areas Act, regarding recreational facilities. Issued by Actstop.

ACTWUSA Special National Congress

A3 black, red and yellow litho; graphic clenched fist with needle (ACTWUSA logo); text: ACTWUSA Special National Congress Date 15-16 April 1989 Venue Durban

Add some punch to your no - sign the petition

Black and white background. Artwork of red, blue and white superman flying. NUSAS Logo. Apartheid constitution - no thanks.

Advance to people's power

Coloured photo of people carrying flag in centre. Black and white photos of ANC presidents down sides. ANC Logo with number 75.

Advance to people's power

Black, green, red, yellow and white poster. Notice of a march to prisons on 6th April 1991. List of venues around the country. Issued by ANC PWV Campaigns Committee. ANC Logo. COSATU logo. SACP logo.

Advance to people's power!

ANC multicoloured poster. Centre is a photograph of people carrying a flag. Black and white photographs down both sides of past and present ANC presidents. Anniversary poster of 75 years of the ANC. 1912-1987. ANC logo.


White poster with black lettering. Students Representative Council, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.


Black and white poster. Four photographs in negative form of various events in South Africa. Advertisement for Afrapix. Reel of negatives at top right hand corner with Afrapix on it.

Afrapix : 1989 : Cultural calendar

Grey poster with red lettering and red Afrapix logo. Seven black and white photographs of various scenes from South Africa.

Africa: we care

Gauteng AIDS programme poster, with Gauteng Provincial Government stamp. White, red and black poster. Artwork of map of Africa with black and white profiles of faces, also a lighted candle at the bottom of the map.

African Art Week

Cream poster with black lettering. Image of man with gag over mouth. A NUSAS project.

African Continent

Multicoloured poster deplicting continent of Africa.

African market

Black and white poster. Detailed artwork of an African market. Small branch of yellow branch and purple flowers. Poster by Armstrong Artworks - Swaziland.

African National Congress

Notice of a Political Education Forum. Black and white poster. Photograph of an ANC Membership Card. ANC Logo. Meeting on Sunday 24th June at Wits Students Union Building.


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