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A list of trade unions

White poster with four pink columns listing all trade unions.

A Mandela government now!

Photo of Mandela. Green background with black and yellow lettering. Forward to mass action for democratic majority rule.

A musical concert

Green and white poster advertising a concert at Nobuhle Hall, Alexandra on the 18th May. List of attractions. Green and white image of man playing piano and man singing.

A peaceful proscess

ECC poster. Yellow background. Red and black lettering. Artwork of a man painting a wall. ECC logo. Request for help to paint The Proscess Home, 19 Esselen Street, Hillbrow.

A place to live: A focus on the housing need in the Southern Peninsula

Silkscreened; Blue, brown and white; A place to live: A focus on the housing need in the southern peninsula st margarets church hall

A policy for peace

Election poster. White background with black lettering, two blue horizontal lines top and bottom containing eight yellow circles each surrounded by eight brown triangles. National Party logo in centre of poster.

A sabedoria e um instrumento de libertacao

Brown, cream, red, blue and white poster. Artwork of a teacher holding a book in front of a class of people sitting on the floor. Initials DNPP. Mozambique.

A sun-day fun-day

Yellow and black poster. Notice of a fun day on Sunday, 30th June 1991, at Brockwell Park, Brixton, London. Fundraising poster for freedom in South Africa. List of performers and attractions. Anti-Apartheid Movement, London, poster.

A voice that will be heard: Harry Pitman PFP in parliament

White, red, blue and black poster. PFP election poster. Black and white photograph of Harry Pitman.

A Vote For Community Councils Is A Vote Against the People

A2 black and red silkscreen on yellow; graphic people marching with banner; text: A vote for community councils is a vote against the people; Don't vote; UDF Unites apartheid Divides

A vote for SAIC is a vote accepting racial inferiority. Reject Aparthate!

Handdrawn A2 poster ink on card; hand putting ballot in box; text: A vote for SAIC is a vote accepting racial inferiority; Reject Apartheid;text on ballot box: At the congress of the ASB held in Pretoria on 28 June 1971 the Prime Minister warned that should the Whites choose integration, they w

A vote for the SAIC is a vote for Aparthate

A2 handdrawn poster ink on white; cartoon two politicians calling for people to vote for SAIC; text: A Vote For The SAIC Is A Vote For Aparthate

A vote in Aug is a vote to defend apartheid

White poster with red lettering. Red outline of box with image of two crossed guns.

A well known soldier in an unknown war

Dutch anti-apartheid movement poster. Artwork of a soldier with a rifle and some knives. Black and white poster, cursive writing in red.

A woman's place is in the struggle

Black, white and grey poster with black border. Artwork of women carrying placards with various statements showing support for trade union, demand for pay increase as well as respect for black women.

A Woman's Place is in the Struggle Not Behind Bars

A2 silkscreen poster red and black on white; graphic of woman with bars over face; Text: A woman's place is in the struggle not behind bars; original attribution to Detained People's Support Committee; this has Issued by FEDTRAW stuck over name [following banning of DPSC]

A woman's place is in the struggle: Women of the world unite: International Womens Day

Black and white poster. Title in yellow letters. Notice of International Women's Day on March 8. Artwork of women with arms raised carrying brooms and a banner with title on it. Name Shelley Sacks and date 1990 in bottom right hand corner.

A woman's place... ... is in the struggle ... and in negotiations ... and in parliament ... and in government! : ANC Women's League

Offset litho; black and red; A woman's place... ... is in the struggle ... and in negotiations ... and in parliament ... and in government! : ANC Women's League

A woman's work is never done

White and red poster. Artwork of a woman split in half. Workplace on one side and home on the other side. Man sitting in chair at home watching TV. Words "A womans work is never done". See Red Women's Workshop poster.

A Zulu girls shaking hands

Zulu girls shaking hands


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