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91233 trees uprooted

Multicoloured poster. Impact of land seizure on olive trees in Palestine. Artwork of Olive trees and flag.

9th August : South Africa Women's Day : 30th anniversary.

Yellow poster with green border and black lettering. List of demands from the Freedom Charter. Two grey images of women holding rifles over wording.

9th August: International Day of Solidarity with the struggle of women of South Africa and Namibia

Blue, red, green and white poster. Artwork of a woman with a fist raised. Issued by the United Nations Centre Against Apartheid,1981,New York.

A 500 anos, nuestras raices florecen

Multicoloured poster. Artwork of a seated indigenous man, holding a spear, with a bird and sheaves of corn on his lap. Asociacion Salvadorena de Trabajadores. Central America.

A better life for all

Multicoloured photograph of Nelson Mandela with a crowd of children behind him. ANC election poster. ANC logo.

A broken landscape

Black and white poster. Notice of an exhibition of photographs, covering South Africa from 1984 to 1986, by Gideon Mendel at The Market Photo Gallery. From the 16th March to April 5th 1986. Photograph of people protesting.

A cabaret night: for the women of South Africa and Namibia

Yellow and black poster. Artwork of women dancing. Notice of a Fundraising concert at The Red Rose Club, London, on Sunday 26th February. Anti-Apartheid Movement's Womens' Committee and the London Committee poster.

A call to soldiers

Green strip at top of poster with title in white letters. Call to defy apartheid call-ups. Black and white photo of soliders marching. Issued by the AC PWV Region. Yellow strip at bottom with black lettering.

A celebration for change

Red and yellow poster. Photograph of black women dancing at Notting Hill Carnival, in the United Kingdom, by M. Rusher, I.F.L. poem by Nefertiti Gayle. Poster by See Red Womens Workshop.

A clockwork teacher: a product of the system: unfree: unthinking: unjust: unhappy

White background, with green lettering. Title around artwork of a teacher with a key in her back. Artist - Robb - date 3/87.

A concert for a free Namibia : Solidarity with SWAPO

White poster with title in blue letters. Green map of Africa in centre with red flame torch on it. List of speakers on left hand side. List of artists on right hand side. Concert at Wits Flower Hall on 22nd October 1989.

A crime against women, a crime against society

White poster with black lettering and artwork. Artwork of a naked woman in two large hands with words 'stop rape' in red letters across it. Issued by WWM.

A crime against women, a crime against society

Issued by WWM. Two rapes at Wits in 1988. White, black and red poster.

A Festival of Musical Cultures

White and blue poster. University of Cape Town Faculty of Music, notice of a festival at Jameson Hall, University of Cape Town. List of attractions. Artwork of paintings of cave men.

A few South Africans

Dark pink poster. Black and white photo of Winnie Mandela with blue border. Notice of an exhibition of Sue Williamson silksceeens and etchings at Gallery International, 13 Hout Street on December 3rd 1984.

A Healthy and safe workplace is your right

Pink background with black lettering. Artwork of workers in work attire; set on a jigsaw puzzle. With Technical Advice Group (TAG) logo on a puzzle piece; contact details of the advice office.

A healthy workplace: means a healthy future for women, men and children

Yellow, gold, red, black and white poster. Issued by Workplace Information Group. Artwork of scenes from various industries.

A history of resistance in education

Offset litho; black and yellow; A history of resistance in education

A just peace

Black and white poster. End Conscription Campaign poster. Drawing in centre of a lighted candle held in the middle of two outstretched arms. Artwork of soldiers marching and a naked man sitting in a cell with a rifle being held out to him.

A just peace for Cape Town

Black background. Title in red letters. Artwork of Table Mountain in blue at bottom. Names of Felicity Wood and Julia Wood hand written at bottom.


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