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1er encuentro nacional de la juventud Nicaraguensa

Black, white, yellow and red poster. Artwork of people raising musical instruments over their heads.

1st May : May Day meeting

White poster giving notice of May Day meeting. Image of black flag with title in white letters. Black image of factory with closed sign on it. List of speakers from COSATU, AZAPO, AZACTU and UDF. Meeting at Ramakrishna Hall on Thursday 1st May.

2 vliegen in 1 klap

White, green and black poster. Artwork of two fly swatters and four flies. Voedingsbond FNV poster.

2. Current allternatives to military service

Second page of folder 2858. Information regarding military service and conscientious objectors. ECC poster. White with black lettering.

20 years of glorious struggle

Multicoloured poster. Artwork of number two and a zero, containing various scenes. 1960-1980. Title in blue, red and green lettering. SWAPO logo.

21 days that rocked the chamber

National Union of Mineworkers multicoloured poster. Photograph of a man with arms raised, other people behind him, outside the Chamber of Mines building. 9 - 30 August 1987. Artwork of a hard hat with NUM logo on it.

21st March: Human Rights Day

Green, black, red and white poster. Coloured photograph of Thabo Mbeki. ANC poster. Notice of a meeting at Kwanobuhle Stadium, Uitenhage on 21st March.

24th anniversary of the founding of SWAPO

Light blue poster. Black and white images of three men. Blue, red and green flag. SWAPO Logo. Namibia.

25 dia da liberdade

Black, red, green and white poster. 1974 - 1990. Artwork of a carnation. AA 25 logo.

25 Junho 1979

Yellow, red, black and white poster. Artwork of a fist holding a variety of symbols and flags. 4th Anniversary of the Independence of Mozambique.


ANC election poster with photo of Mandela with two small children. Calendar of 1994 with month of April as green block. Yellow, black and green poster.

28 communists in ANC top 50

Election Poster. White background red lettering plus National Party Logo. Two horizontal lines top and bottom containing eight yellow circles surround by eight brown triangles each.

2nd National Congress July 1987

Multicoloured COSATU poster. Photograph of people marching with a black outline of a raised fist over them. COSATU Logo.

3 000 000 unemployed (govt est): whose Republic?

White poster with black lettering issued by ERC. Title only. SRC University of Witwatersrand stamp.

3. The moral dilemma

Page 3 of folder 2858. ECC poster. White with black lettering. Arguments for conscientious objection.

30 Years of the Freedom Charter

A2 litho red and black on white; photo children at Griffiths Mxenge memorial; text: 30 years of the Freedom Charter by Raymond Suttner and Jeremy Cronin, with contributions by: Mosiuoa Terror Lekota, Dorothy Nyembe, Wilson Fanti, Edgar Ngoyi, Steve Tshwete, Popo Molefe, Bishop Manas Buthelezi,

30,000 students out on boycott this year - whose Republic?

White poster with black lettering. Title only. Issued by E.R.C.

300 detainees starving to death : don't let them die!

Black poster with white lettering. White block in centre with photo of Adriaan Vlok holding his hat.

3a conferencia da organizacao da mulher Mocambicana

Grey, red, black and white poster. Artwork of two women, back to back, using implements, red star in the middle. Numbers 80 and 90.

3rd UDF anniversary rally : Forward to people's power!

Notice of UDF anniversary rally at SS1 on 20th August. White poster with red lettering and COSATU logo.


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