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Youth Unite

A2 red black yellow on white; litho; youth marching on map of Africa carrying UDF flag; International Year of the Youth logo; text: Youth Unite UDF The Future is Ours, Mass Rally, Natal University Durban Sunday 10 March 1985 International Youth Year

Youth unite for freedom justice peace

Silkscreened black and red calender. Youth unite for freedom justice peace

Youth unite! : Arm yourselves with knowledge for freedom!

Top of poster red flag with yellow and black fist. Green background. Bottom of poster black and white. Photo of children protesting with placards giving "voices from the youth". Block with photo of Hector Petersen

Youth worker unity in action

Light blue background with title in brown. Title only.

Yusuf Dadoo

A2 black and white photo of Yusuf Dadoo (no text)litho

Yusuf Dadoo 1909 - 1983

Memorial poster for Yusaf Dadoo. Black poster with white lettering. Photo of Yusuf Dadoo holding pipe in hand.

Yusuf Dadoo: lived in the struggle: died our leader

Black and white poster. Artwork of Yusuf Dadoo with a pipe. Death notice.

Zach de Beer

Election poster for the DP. Black and white photograph of Zach de Beer, Democratic Party. Yellow and black border. DP logo.

ZANU P.F.: vote

Election poster for ZANU PF. Red, black, yellow and green poster. Words 'Forwards with the revolution!'. Artwork of two soliders with rifles on their backs.

ZAPU (Patriotic Front): Victory to the people of Zimbabwe

Multicoloured poster. Artwork of a man and a woman holding rifles.

Zero tolerance

Black and white calendar with title in red letters. Photograph of a black woman holding a straw mat. Government poster with words - Office on the status of women in the presidency. Words "A life free of violence - blow the whistle on violence against women". Calendar - no year date.


Multicoloured poster. Coloured photograph of soldiers marching past a straw thatched hut. Call for a democratic constitution in Zimbabwe. Flag of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe 2007

Multicoloured poster. Photograph of ten thousand dollar Zimbabwean note with equal sign to two loaves of bread. Flag of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe bleeds: while SADC sleeps!

Black border. Title in red and yellow letters. Photograph of a man who has been hit on the head. Anti Mugabe poster.

Zimbabwe Freedom Rally

Notice of a Freedom Rally at Central Hall, Westminster, London, on Thursday, April 17th, eve of independence. ZECC Anti-Apartheid Movement poster with their logo. Green, yellow, black and red poster.

Zimbabwe freedom rally!

Notice of a rally at Central Hall, Westminster on Thursday, April 17th, eve of independence. Anti-Apartheid Movement, London, poster. Initials ZECC.

Zimbabwe welcomes Nelson Mandela : The people's leader

White poster with black lettering. Black and white photograph of Nelson Mandela. ANC Logo. Artwork of two hands shaking. Black slashes and stars.

Zimbabwe: justice delayed is justice denied

Black and white poster. Salute to WOZA women activists, Jenni Williams and Magodonga Mahlangu, photographs of the women.

Zivildienst-Initiative JA

White background with black lettering. Painting of an old lady warming her hands over a cooking pot. Zurich, Switzerland.

Zivildienst-Initiative JA

Multicoloured artwork of waterfall over rocks. Zurich, Switzerland poster.


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