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Would you be more careful if it was you that got pregnant?

Black and white artwork of a pregnant man.Words 'Nothing is impossible' and initials JAC.

Would you buy a used political system from these people?

White poster with red lettering. Photos of four political leaders. Words 'from corrupt government to interim government'. Issued by SANSCO and NUSAS

Writer's Conference

Notice of New Nation Writer's Conference on 1 - 14th December 1991. Orange poster with black lettering. Artwork of an African head with pencils and feathers stuck in the top.

Writers : banned and exiled : read by

Notice of reading of banned writers works at The Warehouse, Market Theatre, on Saturday 5th March. By the Anti-censorship Action Group. List of works to be read. Black and white poster with image of broken cell bars.

Writers in the Community

A2 red and black on white; graphic people holding up books and flags; text: Writers for Freedom for Writers; COSAW; Writers in the Community

Writers speak

Offset litho; black, blue, green, red and yellow; Writers speak

Writers speak: Weekly Mail book week

Black poster with white lettering. Coloured artwork of two men. Notice of a book week from 7-12 November, at The Warehouse at the Market.

Wwomen organising for change: The struggle continues in the home

Yellow poster with green lettering. Black and white images of women. History of the ANC Women's League.

Yelapha ama-shingles nge, acyclovir manje!

Black, green and white poster. Treatment Action Campaign poster for treatment at Government clinics. Artwork of the back of a man with shingles.

Yes to votes for all

Black background. Yellow lettering. ANC Logo top left hand corner with number 80. Yellow block at bottom wording in green. Forward to a constituent assembly

Yes! less rent: more health

Green and white poster issued by W.R.A.C. Artwork of a woman's head and healthy foods.

You asked : ANC answered

Red and white and black poster. Title in red letters. Photos of Oliver Tambo and Dr. Ronnie Bethlehem. Question what did the ANC say about universities.

You can only get AIDS : If you have sex with someone with the AIDS virus...

Offset litho; green, red and yellow; You can only get AIDS : If you have sex with someone with the AIDS virus : If blood with AIDS virus gets in you blood-Like sharing razors, Needles or tooth brushes : But healthy-Looking people may still carry AIDS!

You can prevent AIDS

Multicoloured cartoon of a man and woman in bed with skeleton in between with word AIDS on it. Balloon, from mouth of worman, with words "We cannot run away from AIDS anymore" in it. Copy of a front page of the Sowetan newspaper on the bed. City Health, Johannesburg.

You can't kill the spirit : she is like the mountains : old and strong : She'll go on and on and on : you can't kill the spirit

1989 calendar. Red, green, yellow, black and white zig zag border. Yellow centre with title in black letters and black and white photograph of a woman with fist raised wearing Mayday T-Shirt. Issued by SPEAK.

You can't shut out the human voice

Notice of play by Anti-Censorshop Action Group, at the Downstairs Theater, Wits University on the 16th July. Words - 'Join the call to end censorship'. List of entertainers. Black and white poster. Image of cell bars broken.

You have tampered with the women, you have struck a rock

Black and white; with artwork of protestors in front of the Union Buildings in Pretoria, comemmorating National Women's Day.

You Have Touched the Women

A2 silkscreen black on white; photo graphic of 1956 Women's March; text: You have touched the women You have struck a rock! National women's day August 9th

You need SARHWU : SARHWU needs you : Join now

Yellow poster with ten rows of two blocks. SARHWU Logo. Recruitment poster.

You said 'yes' to 'one person, one vote in a unitary South Africa'.

Black and white poster with yellow lettering. Issued by NUSAS Education for a free South Africa. Statistics of voting in South African Universities. Black and white photos of students protesting.


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