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Women's charter

White poster with black wording setting out objectives of women's charter.

Women's charter for a better future

ANC Women's League black and white poster.

Women's Day celebrations

Multicoloured poster. 45th anniversary of women's day at Union Buildings, Pretoria. Gauteng Provincial Government logo. Photograph of the protest 45 years ago. Photograph of memorial stones. Gauteng Premier's awards for women achievers.

Women's Federation 30th Anniversary Rally

A2 green and black on white; graphic of woman pointing; text: Women's Federation 30th Anniversary RallyDorothy Nyembe,Father Mkahatshwa, Sister Bernard, Tsheop Khumbane

Women's Health Conference

A3 litho poster yellow and purple: text: Women's Health Conference, Health in our Hands, University of Witwatersrand Johannesburg 2-4 December 1994. This is YOUR national women's health conference. Be sure to have a say in it. Regional preparatory meetings to be held.

Women's health project

Purple poster with yellow lettering and border. Multicoloured artwork of different women. Notice of women's health project.

Women's march for liberation

Black and white poster with splashes of red, blue, yellow and green. Artwork of women marching carring a banner with title on it. March for International Women's Day 1983. List of grievances. Designed by Pamela Harris in 1979.

Women's National Day

Multicoloured poster with artwork of women in traditional dress, standing together with.

Women's Party Party

A2 silkscreen poster; dark blue on yellow; graphic woman's face; text: Women's Party Party 30 November 6.00 pm child-care on request

Women: march to freedom

Black, white, green and yellow poster. ANC 75 year logo. 1912-1987. Photograph of Winnie Mandela and women protesting.

Women: Raise your voices

White poster with black lettering. Notice of a forum to discuss women's participation in the church. Black cross in centre surrounded by cut out people. Venue - Cathedral Place, Saratoga Avenue, Johananesburg.

Women: we fought for the vote: now we must claim our rights
Wonder and the Masiza Sisters

Pink poster with black and white lettering. Blue and white border. Performance at the Oxford Hotel by Wonder and the Masiza Sisters. Black images of five heads. Live at Baker Street, on Wednesdahy, Friday and Saturday nights from 4th to 28th June.

Wont take the toys from the boys

Pink, blue and red poster. Women oppose the nuclear threat. London address 5, Caledonian Road, N.1.

Work for a just peace

Poster showing material cut outs for title. Also cut outs of red sun with white dove holding branch. All in different coloured materials.

Work for all at a living wage

Offset litho; black and red; Work for all at a living wage

Work in progress

White, grey, black and red poster. Work in Progress 65. Artwork of demonstrators and riot police. Words - "500 dead: who set the fuse?" Socialism after Stalin.

Work in progress 52

Red poster with black lettering. White and black images of bullets. Words - M K's armed struggle, Angola, Maritzburg, labour.

Work in Progress 56/57

Offset litho; Black and yellow; Work in Progress 56/57 : 1988. On sale now. A poster advertising an issue of the journal Work in Progress.

Work in progress: COSATU congress

Black poster. White and yellow lettering. Number 54 in yellow letters in top right hand corner. Image of a miner, wearing a hard hat with words "COSATU says stop the union bashing Labour Relations Bill". White border.


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