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Women march for peace!

Yellow poster with black lettering. Title in yellow letters on black background. Notice of rally for all women from all parties on 23rd September 1989 at Union Buildings, Pretoria.

Women organising for change: A history

Yellow poster with green lettering. History of the ANC Women's League. Black and white artwork of african women.

Women political prisoners

White poster with black lettering. Image of woman's head with red gag across mouth. Names of prisoners. Conditions in jail?

Women raise your voice in the future constitution

Green and yellow poster with black lettering. Notice of a cultural event on 11th August 1991 at 10h00 at Medunsa Stadium, Pretoria. Artwork of five people with fists raised. ANC logo. Produced by the ANC Womens League (PWV).

Women rrise!

Yellow, black, grey and red poster. Artwork of women with fists raised, protesting. Words 'organise, unite for people's power!'.

Women say justice before reconciliation

WOSA Gender Commission 1996. Women's Organisation for Socialist Action. WOSA Logo. Black background. Multicoloured artwork of two women, one naked with a scar down her back, dead people on the floor. City skyline in the background.

Women say no! to militarisation!: women say no! to the call up

Red poster with white lettering. March 8th. International Women's Day. End Conscription Campaign poster.

Women speak

Black and white poster. Black and white artwork of women. Notice of Congress of South African Writers (Transvaal Rresents a Conference on Women and Writing. Conference on Friday 25th November to Sunday 27th November at Ipelegeng Centre, Soweto.

Women speak

Notice of conference for women and writing of Congress of South African Writers (Tvl Branch) on Friday 25th to Sunday 27th November, at Megamusic, 60 Pym Street, Newtown. Black and white artwork of women.

Women speak with your vote

Green poster. Multicoloured artwork of a woman with a pink flag with title in black letters on it in three languages. Project of MATLA Trust and Speak

Women take the struggle forward

Yellow poster with red background and black lettering. Speak calendar for 1990. Various photos of women protesting for democracy.

Women today : Panel discussion

Silkscreened; black and yellow; 20 Feb Wed : Women today : Panel discussion

Women Today Panel Discussion

A2 silkscreen poster; orange text, black graphics on white; photo-silkscreens of women; text: 20 Feb Wed WOMEN TODAY Panel discussion Great Hall 11:30

Women Unite

Womens unity poster. Black background with photo of women in meeting with green border and poem by Dora Tamana

Women unite against apartheid

Black and white poster. Notice of International Women's Day - March 8th. Collage of photographs of women and artwork of women. Symbol for female.

Women unite against Botha's deal

A2 silkscreen Black on green, photo collage of women and townships; Text: Women unite against Botha's deal; August 9 National Women's Day; Away with forced removals; Women let us fight for our rights; No to GST and High Prices.

Women unite for a democratic South Africa for all

White, black and red poster. Two photos and artwork of women. Artwork of a crowd of women. List of dreams and demands for equal opportunity.

Women unite for people's power

Black and white artwork of a woman with a gun on her shoulder, holding a black, brown, green, yellow and red globe with the number '84 on it.

Women unite in struggle

Black, white, green and yellow poster. Photographs of various women. ANC 75 year logo - 1912-1987.

Women unite!

White poster with black lettering. Artwork of a black baby with a red and black striped T-shirt, also a mother with a child outside a shack. Poem in red. Date in poem June 16.


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