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Where is Boiki Tlhapi?

White poster with black lettering. Photo of Boiki Tlhapi. Notice of Protest Service in Klerksdorp - Free Majesty. Issued by N/Cape and W/Transvaal Council of Churches.

Where to register?

SACBC 1995 no. 5 poster. Salmon coloured background with black lettering. Lists of places to register with coloured artwork of different places.

Where's the border now?

ECC poster. White background. Red and black lettering and artwork. Outline of map of South Africa with red SADF logos at various unrest locations.

While the rich get richer

White poster with black lettering. Artwork of barbed wire border. Two photographs, one with large house with large car, the other with a man setting up a tent in a township. Small cross with barbed wire around top in bottom left hand corner.

White Australia has a black history: don't celebrate 1988

Black top half with white lettering, red bottom half with black lettering. Pair of brown forearms raised in centre around yellow circle, with grey chains broken. British flag on one wrist and Australian flag on other wrist.

Whites in a changing S.A.

5 Freedoms Forum Notice of meeting. Black and white poster with white and black lettering. Meeting at Wits Arcade on Friday, 25th September. List of speakers.

Whites in a changing society : Lusaka 1989

Dark grey poster with black lettering. Black outlines of five doves. 5 Freedoms Forum

Who are the real leaders: student action for peace

Red, yellow and white; with red triangle and words: The National Union od South African Students invites you to participate in discussion on the future of our community.

Who did this?

Black and white poster with yellow lettering. Photograph of Trevor Monerville in hospital. Campaign to find out what happened to this man.

Who's fooling who?

A1 black and blue silkscreen on white; picture blindfolded person; text: New Constitution: Who's fooling who? Apartheid constitution - no thanks;

Who's the media terrorist?

White poster with black lettering and artwork of a politician in centre holding a machine gun. Notice of a meeting of Association of Democratic Journalists Launch. Friday 3rd June. At Lecture Theatre A1, John Moffat Building, Wits University. List of speakers and music.

Whose hands?

White poster with black outline of two hands with red blood on palms dripping down to a pool of blood. Black lettering. Notice of a march to the Supreme Court to stop De Klerk's killing machine. Wednesday 24th June, Wits University, Jan Smuts entrance.

Whose Reality Mr. Botha?

A2 red and black on white, litho; maps of SA with bars; text:Whose reality Mr Botha?

Whose reality Mr. Botha?: we reject your facts

White background with black lettering and images of map of South Africa in red, behind bars. UDF logo at the bottom right of the poster.

Whose Republic?

A2 silkscreen poster green and black on white; map of South Africa; text: Whose Republic? Citizens or Aliens? Millions of black South Africans have lost the right to citizenship by being classified as homeland students.....

Whose tomorrow is tomorrow?: whose world is the world?

Multicoloured poster. Artwork of the world in the centre of the poster, sketches of royalty and leaders, photographs of people in communities.

Why do police harbour hit squads?

White poster with black lettering. Title only.

Why do you have to register?

SACBC 1995 no. 4 poster. Blue background with black lettering. Artwork of a man casting his vote and a registration form with an ID book.

Why fight Namibia's people?: peace now!

ECC campaign poster. Black and white photograph of dead people.

Why is Harald Winkler fasting? : to protest conscription and SADF presence in the townships

Cream poster with purple lettering. Black images of soldiers across page. End Conscription Campaign poster.


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