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ANC says end NP rule: murder: corruption now!

Issued by ANC Department of Information and Publicity. Yellow, black and red poster.

ANC says unite for peace

Light blue background. Black, green and yellow rainbow with a small white dove on it. ANC logo. ANC signature campaign for a constituent assembly and an interim government.

ANC says vote for workers' rights

Yellow poster with black lettering. Election poster for African National Congress. Black artwork of people casting votes and carrying an ANC Flag. Words "viva Mayday". ANC Logo.

ANC says: unite for peace

Blue poster with black lettering and ANC Logo. Black, green and yellow rainbow with white outline of a dove.

ANC says: unite for peace

Light blue background. Black, yellow and green rainbow with a small white dove on it. ANC logo.

ANC shield

Multicoloured poster. ANC logo on white background with red border.

ANC Soldiers : true heroes of our land

White background with green lettering. Black and white image of sunset with soldiers in foreground. We remember Yusuf Akhalwaya and Prakash Napier.

ANC speaks to Johannesburg

Black, green and yellow poster. Notice of meeting at Johannesburg City Hall on Tuesday 30th April. Yellow and black lettering. ANC Logo. List of speakers

ANC Sydafrika 75 ar 1912-1987

Yellow, black and green poster. Artwork of group of people protesting. Poster issued in Sweden celebrating 75 years of ANC from 1912 - 1987.

ANC welcome rally for ANC women from exile

Black, green and yellow blocks with white and black lettering. Rally on 17th June 1990, at Jabulani Amphitheatre. Artwork of two women holding welcome home signs. List of speakers and events. Black, green and yellow striped border.

ANC Women's League

ANC Women's League salutes Comrade O.R. Tambo. Quote from O.R. Tambo on women's rights. Black and white photograph of O.R. Tambo dancing.

ANC Women's League

Notice of launch of ANC Women's League, on Sunday 12th August. Curries Fountain Stadium, Durban. Black and white artwork of four black women. List of speakers. African artwork border on each side.

ANC Women's League

Black, green and yellow poster. ANC Women's League celebrates South African Women's Day on the 9th August, at the Union Buildings.

ANC Women's League : national conference

White, black, green and yellow poster. Notice of ANC Women's Leage 1st National Conference at Kimberley on 24-28 April 1991. Artwork of three women holding up ANC Logo.

ANC Womens League national launch

Black, green and yellow poster advertising launch. Yellow and black lettering. Black image of four women in centre of poster. List of speakers. ANC Logo. Launch at Curries Fountain Stadium, Durban on 12th August 1990.

ANC womens section : South African women march to freedom

List of womens demands reprinted by the Federation of South African Women as set out in the 1955 Congress of the People. Green, yellow, black and white artwork at right of poster showing three women marching with striped border and title.

ANC Womens's League : National Conference Rally

Black, green and yellow poster. ANC Women's League Logo. White and black lettering. Rally at Galeshewe Stadium, Kimberley on 24th April 1991. List of speakers and events. Black images of women dancing across bottom of poster.

ANC-TIC: report back

Green and white poster. Notice of a meeting at New JISS centre, corner Battery and Queens, Mayfair. Two items on Agenda and list of speakers. Also notice of AGM of Johannesburg West Branch of the ANC on Saturday 27th June.

ANC: 1912-1982

Cream, black, brown, green and yellow poster. ANC logo. Sweden fundraising poster.

ANC: 75 ars kamp: 1912-1987

White poster with black, yellow and green artwork and lettering. Artwork of a raised fist. ANC poster, issued in Sweden for 75 year anniversary.


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