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ANC : ANC : Mandela Kom!

White background with black lettering. Black block at top with white lettering and ANC Logo.

ANC : June 26 - Freedom Day Rally

Black, green and gold strips with white lettering. List of speakers and events. 37th Anniversary of the Freedom Charter. Event to be held at Kliptown on 27th June 1992. ANC Logo.

ANC : our voice : our strength : our future

White poster with large ANC Logo. Black border. ANC in black letters. Black, green and yellow strips at bottom with rest of title in black and white letters.

ANC : people's assembly

ANC Logo. Notice of assembly at Victoria Grounds, King Williams Town, on 6th April. Black and white drawings of people carrying ANC flag and mielies.

ANC coming to vist you soon

Black and white poster with title and ANC Logo.

ANC for peace

Notice of East Rand Peace Summit. Green, yellow, black and white poster. 2 - 4 April 1983. ANC Logo. Photograph of a small child. Artqwork of a yellow dove with a green leaf in its mouth.

ANC galan: musik mot apartheid

White poster with black and grey lettering and drawing of a man with a stick holding another man around the neck. Notice of a concert on the 16-17 November, in aid of the ANC. List of performers.

ANC is visiting your house soon!

Title in yellow bubble with black lettering. Black and white photo of Nelson Mandela. Green border. ANC Logo. White background.

ANC June 16 Meeting

Black and white poster advertising meeting at Patidar Hall on Tuesday 16th June. Speakers Thabo Mbeki and Jannie Momberg.

ANC Krakeelrivier rally

Black and white poster. Notice of a rally at Krakeelrivier Rugby Veld, on 29th June 1992. List of speakers. ANC logo.

ANC lives : ANC leads

Black green and yellow blocks with black lettering. Each block with four or five fists raised.

ANC Lives! : ANC Leads!

Four rows of four ANC Logos. Title on each Logo.

ANC lives: ANC leads

Black, green and yellow ANC poster. Artwork of rows of fists raised.

ANC Mandela : O ya tla!

White background with black lettering. Black block at top with white lettering and ANC logo.

ANC national rally

Title in yellow letters on black background. Black and white artwork of people and ANC flags and logos in centre. Notice of rally at Kings Park Stadium, Durban on 7th July 1991. Green and yellow triangle border.

ANC Negotiations and our future

Black, green, yellow and white poster. Notice of an ANC Meeting on Wednesday 6th June. Venue St Thomas's Hall, Musgrave Road. Issued by Durban Democratic Association. Speakers, Terror Lekota and S'be Ndebele.

ANC Pioneers Mzimhlophe Branch 1991 Calendar

Calendar for February to December 1991. Artwork by Thabo Moloi, of crossed flags and scroll. ANC Logo. Mzimhlophe Branch.

ANC RDP : double taxes : double : trouble

Election poster. White background with red lettering, two blue horizontal lines top and bottom containing eight yellow circles surrounded by eight brown triangles each. National Party log in centre of poster.

ANC SACP alliance

White poster. Initials ANC in black green and yellow stripes. Initials SACP in red and black lettering. Alliance in black letters.

ANC salutes UDF

Yellow poster with black lettering. ANC and UDF Logos. Rally at Rocklands Civic, Mitchells plain. List of speakers. Sunday 18th August.


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