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Amandla Cultural Group

Brown, cream and yellow poster. Artwork of an African, dancing with a spear and shield. Photograph of people protesting in the background. Notice of a concert. Issued by the Komitee Zuidelijk Afrika, Amsterdam.

Amandla Group

White, black and red poster. Photographs of African people singing and dancing. Notice of a concert. Menneskeverd logo.

Amandla!: maatla!

Sepia photographs of South Africa during apartheid. Black and white photograph of farm workers carrying shovels. Quote from Allan Boesak. Issued by Swedish Co-operation Centre.

Amandla!Maatla!: en film om sydafrikansk ungdom

Amandla! Maatla!

Amanece en Centro America

Orange and black background of artwork of countries of Central America.Title in white letters. Black and white photographs of people in Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Amaqhawe Esizwe

Black and white poster giving notice of a memorial service on 15th March 1989 at GTH. List of names. Words Hambani Kahle at top. Black Students Interim Committee. Image of university at top with images of black figures walking through it carrying flags.

Amsterdam never

Blue background, title in black letters. White artwork of doves across top. Coloured Olympic Games circles with a black bomb across them. Red stick figures falling underneath. Words "Cine panem et non circenses".

An African woman: unite in a common ideal: the total liberation of Africa

Cream, orange and black poster. Title in three languages. Artwork of women, holding guns, over a map of Africa. Pan-African Women's Organisation, Luanda, Angola. Liberation for women movement. Initials M.P.L.A.

An exhibition by George Nene and Libero Nyelele

Notice of an art exhibition by George Nene and Libero Nyelele, entitled "... Dawn". 15-30th November 1983, at the National Museum.

An injury to one is an injury to all

Black and white poster with title in red letters. Artwork of people marching. COSATU wording.

An injury to one is an injury to all

Green, black and white poster regarding agricultural exploitation. Trade union poster. Artwork of women working in the fields.


Brown, orange and cream poster. Coloured photograph of children at school. Solidarity in education poster.


Black poster with yellow triangle in centre with ANC acronym and arrows pointing to text: ignore?, unban?, repression?. Question underneath: How do you view this organization. Discussion about ANC. Speaker Tom Lodge. Issued by Projects. Meeting on Thursday 3rd October in Great Hall at 12.30.


Black, green, yellow and white poster. Notice of an ANC meeting at Mayfair Recreation Centre. Speakers Pallo Jordan and Sydney Mafumadi. Recruitment poster.

ANC 1989 Calendar

December 1989 ANC calendar. Yellow background. Two photographs of artworks. One by Themba Shangase and one by Norman Kaplan. White calendar with red numbers.

ANC 1990 Consultative Conference

Black, green, yellow and white ANC poster. Notice of a conference. ANC logo.

ANC 48th National Conference July 1991

Multicoloured poster. Large ANC logo. Notice of conference.

ANC 70 jaar strijd tegen apartheid

Orange poster with multicoloured artwork of two warriors one black one yellow with spears and African shields. Title in white letters.

ANC : ANC : Mandela is coming ! : Join ANC! : Forward to victory

White background with black lettering. Black block at top with white lettering and ANC Logo.

ANC : ANC : Amandela Uyeza! :

White background with black lettering. Black block at top with white lettering and ANC Logo.


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