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Black and white poster. White cross in centre. Notice of a Memorial Service on Sunday 16 June. Venue - AME Church, Hazendal. Speakers Allan Boesak and Chris Nissen. Meeting called by the Western Province Council of Churches. Four photographs of people ru


Red, black and white poster issued by Kairos. Bible quote from John 15: 13. Black and white image of Hector Pieterson. Notice of a world day of prayer.


Black,yellow, red and white poster. Artwork of Hector Pieterson photograph, and a white dove. COSATU logo.


Black and white poster. Artwork of Hector Pieterson photograph. Logos for ANC, COSATU, SACP and SAYCO.


Black, red, yellow and white poster. Photograph of Hector Pieterson. COSATU poster.


Red, black and white poster. Photographs of scenes of South Africa. Unite, resist and act for freedom campaign.

18 more nails in democracy's coffin: 18 less chances for peace

White poster with title in red letters. Artwork of a black coffin. Issued by Projects Comm. Black border around black lettering giving statistics of UDF, SAYCO, SANSCO and COSATU.

19 October: National Press day: will there be free speech in a new SA?

White poster with black lettering. Red image of Post Office tower in Johannesburg. Notice of a big debate between the ANC and the SABC. On Tuesday 16th October at Wits Social Science 1.

1946 : 70 000 miners strike : twelve killed : 1986 : Viva NUM

Red poster with yellow lettering. Words - Nationalise the mines - in yellow letters against black and white image of workers protesting. Image of miner wearing a hard hat in centre with fist raised.

1946-1986: 40 years of struggle for a living wage and conditions

Black and white poster showing living conditions of miners in 1946 and 1986.

1948-1998: 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Multicoloured poster, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights. Title in six languages. United Nations logo.

1955 The Freedom Charter 1990

Copy of Freedom Charter. Yellow background. Image of mass of people. Striped flag, black green and yellow. Assegai and shield.

1976 - 1986: June 16: the struggle continues

White poster with black lettering. Black and white images of people protesting. Images of coffins.

1983 Women's Calendar

Yellow poster with dark brown lettering. Front page of calendar. Dark brown artwork of African women with fists raised.

1984 Annee des femmes Sud Africaines

Black and white poster. Photographs of people protesting. African National Congress poster issued in Paris, France.

1984 UDF unites

Calendar for 1984. Red banner at top with black lettering. Yellow background. Outline of map of South Africa with black and white artwork of people marching. Border of small cubes containing various artwork images. List of important dates for UDF.

1984 Year of the South African Woman

Grey and black poster. Geometric artwork and artwork of a woman.1984 - Year of the South African Woman.

1984 Year of the women

White, red, black and green poster. Circle in centre with artwork of a man and a women carrying rifles on their shoulders. Mobilisation of women in the struggle. Printed by London Caledonian Press.

1985 International Youth Year

Cream poster with black lettering. Issued by St. Luke's Youth Club, logo of capital 'P' with a cross over the bottom of it. Theme - participation, development and peace.

1985 Year of the Youth Calendar

December 1985 Calendar. Black and white photograph of women dancing, by Omar Badsha.


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