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Ham bce...

Red, brown and white poster. Date on it 26 October 1917.

"My wife was harrassed by the state for 30 years. Now I'm here to give her my support. Nelson Mandela 1991

Yellow background with black lettering. Photo of Nelson and Winnie Mandela hugging. Winnie Mandela Support Committee.

"The downs" Herne Bay

"The downs" Herne Bay

'n Beleid vir vrede

Election poster. White background with black lettering, two blue horizontal lines top and bottom containing eight yellow circles each surrounded by eight brown triangles. Also Nationale Party logo.

'n stem vir 'n kleurling parliament is 'n stem vir apartheid

White poster with black and green lettering. Title only.

'thank you, Bigbrother'

Black and white photograph of a man wearing sun glasses, with a dummy in his mouth with the flag of the United States on it. Issued by Chilekommittden.

... and the people vote for Nelson Mandela

Black and red poster. Artwork of various people.


Notice of the 21st anniversary of the execution of Solomon "Kalushi" Mahlangu, and a photograph of him. Yellow, black, green and red poster. Meeting at Stanza Bopape Hall, on Thursday 6th April 2000. ANC logo. List of speakers. ANCYL logo.

1 de Junho

Multicoloured poster showing rural scenes. Ministry of Information Mozambique poster.

1 de Junho dia internacional da crianca

Multicoloured poster. Artwork of a figure holding a book in one hand and reaching for a black star. Artwork of a sun behind the figure, a sheaf of corn and water.

1 May 1975: arbetarpolitik socialism: no. 19: Chile

Orange poster. Title in red and black lettering. Artwork of a black hand holding a red carnation. No. 19 in bottom left hand corner. Torsten Bergmark in bottom right hand corner.

1,000 pounds smash fascism fund

White poster with black lettering and artwork. Six point communist programme for the home front. Year 1941 pencilled in. Artwork of a raised fist. Issued by the Cape District Committee of the Communist Party of South Africa. List of six points of action.

1. Apartheid's war against Africa

Black and white collection of 14 posters. Poster exhibition designed by Ian Denning. Short piece of history of apartheid.

10 years of struggle and sacrifice: June 16

Offset litho; black, red, blue, green and yellow; artwork; '76 to '86: 10 years of struggle and sacrifice: June 16

10 years Soweto : Children and youth in the struggle against apartheid

Offset litho; black and brown; 10 years Soweto : Children and youth in the struggle against apartheid

1000 days of repression

Green poster with black lettering. Artwork of women with raised fist behind them. Notice of a vigil at St Mary's Cathedral, De Villiers Street. March 7th. Women against repression.

1000s children live on the street: why?

Stamp of Molo Songololo Community House, Salt River. Multicoloured poster. Artwork of children playing and sleeping in the streets.

10th Anniversary of June 16th

Black and white poster with title and images of Hector Petersen. Police in centre with demonstrator.

15 aniversario AMNLAE

Multicoloured poster. Purple artwork of female symbol containing a woman's head, surrounded by flowers. Name - Luisa Amanda Espinoza. Initials FSLN Nicaragua.

16 June: international day of solidarity with the struggling people of South Africa

Grey, black and white poster. Photograph of people protesting, and being ill treated in South Africa. United Nations Centre against Apartheid poster.


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