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Mouth of the Buffalo river

Mouth of the Buffalo River

THe Blind River East London

The blind river East london

The Horseshoe

The Horseshoe near East London

Buffalo river

Scene from green point to Buffalo river

Mouth to Buffalo River

Mouth to Buffalo river and Breakwater

On the Buffalo

On the Buffalo, East London

Surf bathing

Surf Bathing, East London

Boat house

Boat house from East London

East London

Greetings from East London

The eletric Ferry

The eletric ferry East London

Kings warehouses & Buffalo river

KIngs Warehouses & Buffalo river

Gorvernment Buildings

Government buildings




Souvenirs from East London

Power station

Power station East London

Queens park

Queens park  East London

The shipping

The shipping in Buffalo river

Queens park

Queens park East London

Fire station

Fire station East London

Buffalo Harbour

Entrance to Buffalo Harbour


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