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Issues Relevant to the Development of a National Intelligence Policy Framework for a Democratic South Africa
South African Indian Congress Policy in the Future

Policy in the South African Indian Congress in the future

Artists at woodcarving workshop, Natal, 1994.

Artists at woodcarving workshop, Natal, 1994.

Chubb Fellow: Timothy and Dwight College, Yale University award to Alan Paton

Digital image, award, tray

The United Nations Trust Fund for South Africa

The United Nations Trust Fund for South Africa


The following is the full text of a reply which the South African Government has made to a Petition submitted to the King during the Royal Visit to South Africa:-

THE FREEDOM CHARTER - Phyllis collection

THE FREEDOM CHARTER - Phyllis collection


Buffalo chislehurst railway construction


 Various scene of rondaval huts and homestad children and young people in Mchunu Family home

Natal native contigent

Natal native contigent decpicts captain Bartons 4th battle in an parade

Kambula battle

Tracing from map

Smuts Jan Christain

 Smuts Jan Christain 1870-1950

Manifesto of the South African Communist Party: Building workers' power for democratic change

Manifesto of the South African Communist Party: "Building workers' power for democratic change". Discussing new political realities, economic and social realities, and the role and character of SACP.

Principles of formation of an organisation

The document provides guidelines for creating an effective organisation.

Principles of programme planning

A document setting out the principles of programme planning, including criteria for a good programme and evaluation of programmes

Mobilise the people!

Draft, annotated ANC statement on the Nkomati Accord.

Points of agreement reached during the trilateral meeting on the establishment of the Joint Monitoring Commission: Mulungushi, Lusaka, 16 February 1984
Agreement on non-agression and good neighbourliness between the Government of the Republic of South Africa and the Government of the People's Republic of Mozambique

Copy of the Nkomati Accord.

Standing for the truth: proposed model

Policy document of the national, regional and local church campaign committee. It discusses functions to plan, cordinate, promote, training programmes and co-option of new members.

Standing for the truth: the mission of the Church

Policy document issued by Standing for the Truth Committe about Christians and the defiance campaign against apartheid.


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