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"The Residence"

"The Residence"  Amos family photographs.

Cliff House

Cliff House - Amos family photograph.

'Tinos La Procession'

Tinos la Procession.

Irene Amos.

Irene Amos standing and holding a fence.

'The Beautiful Hall'

'The Beautiful Hall' of Midland hotel in Manchester.

Victoria Falls

Victoria falls in Zambezi.

Amos Family Photograph

Wedding day.

Wedding day

Weeding day.


Gran'pop making a jig-saw puzzle.

Ms. Jansen at Colin's Family

Ms. Jansen at Colin's Family.

Polly the Parot

Polly the parot perched in tree branch.

West Street: Durban

Durban West Street.

Amos Family Photograph

Amos Family Photographs.

Photograph of Colin's Family

Photograph of Colin's family. 


"Picnic" - Amos family photographs.

Horse racing

Horse racing - Amos family photographs.

Amos Family Photograph

Picture of a lady holding a puppy. 

"In the garden" Bloemendal, June 1962.

"In the garden" - Bloemendal.

'Souvenir d'Albanise'

European Lady posing for a photo shoot.

Bobson Studio

Zulu girl


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