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'Pink Peach tree in Blossom.

Color scene of a Pink peach tree in blossom.

'Pine Trees with figure in Garden of Saint- Paul's Hospital'

Color scene of pine trees with a male figure in the garden of Saint- Paul's hospital.

'Photo Day'

Bhaca elderly woman dressed in European clothes during a photo day at Marian hill.

'Photo Day'

Shy Bhaca woman dressed in european clothes during a photo day at Marian hill. 

'Over the Bridge'

A pen and colour pencil scene of a bridge across the river. Huts and mountains can be seen on the background.

'Over the Bridge'

A colourful scene of a bridge over a wide lagoon, with mountains and houses on the banks. There is a car crossing the bridge.

'Orchard in Blossom with view of Arles'

Color scene Orchard trees with a view of Arles Town.

'Orange River'

Watercolor scene of the Orange River when it is full.

'On the Threshold of Eternity'

Color scene of an old man is sorrow.


Elderly ladies sitting around the Bride's Kist during Mr. Ngcobo's wedding.

'Old picked fence wall'

Black and white abstract of an old picket fence with brick wall and a small gate.

'Old House'

Dr. Kohler's children playing behind the Old House at Ntabankulu.

'Old Basotho Woman'

Watercolor portrait of an Old Basutho woman sitting on the ground.

'Oh God bless the woman'

Watercolor scene of a Zulu man seated  around the bush.

'Oecoume des Hottentots ou Caffers'

Black and white abstract of Hottentots involved in a fight.

'Odger: Col. H. Colville'

Colored portrait of Colonel Sir H. Colville, posing for the Vanity Fair Magazine.


Nopopi, plastic modern doll with a beaded skirts and accessories, for little girls.

'Noon: Rest from work'

Color scene of labours resting at noon on a pile of haystack with a cart and oxen on the background.


Small love doll from a mother to her young daughter to attract love and courtship.


Small love dolls from a mother to her young daughter to attract love and courtship.


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