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'Umgexo'. Small beaded neckalce.


'Umgexo'Small beaded necklace.


'Umgexo', small beaded neckalce.

'Umfundisi naMasistela'

Catholic Reverend flanked by white Nuns while the black Nuns are seated on the ground.


Black and white photograph of a small boy dressed in ceremonial beawork costume, from Greytown.


Portrait of a Xhosa mother with her baby both wearing white chalk on their faces symbolising new birth.


Female relatives of the the newly wed bride bringing gifts and food to her new home.


Newly wed husband receiving her brides family relatives bringing gifts and food for their new family.


Black and brown out worn by Zulu modern called 'Umblaselo'.


Zulu royals and selected leadres on the march to Polela offices, protesting about European governing rules.


'Umancishana', small clay beer poy with dark incisions.


'Umancishana', small clay beer pot with incisions.


A sketch scene of a man chasing a bull.


Black and white portrait of a young married Zulu woman.

'Umakoti uthwele amadumbe'

Black and white scene of a Zulu Matron carrying yams on head.

'Umakoti noMakotshana'

Newly married woman with her helper.


Mrs. Ngcobo sharing gifts to family members during her traditional wedding.


Mrs. Ngcobo sharing gifts amongst her family during her traditional wedding.


Community building Zulu traditional hut called 'Iqhugwana', made out of straws and grass.


Black and white landscape of hunters trowing spears at a buck during a hunting season.


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