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Abraham Family Papers

The scene in the City of Tananarive shows a portion of monuments and homes built on the hill.

Pietermaritzburg Royal Agricultural Show, 1977

Pietermaritzburg Royal Agricultural  Show, 1977

Secure Your Future, Vote With Majority
Smash apartheid support ANC
Impressions of India
Various Phamplets on racism
Local Government Elections - Democratic Party
National Party Election Phamplet
Let us speak of freedom
Youth Festival held by Chatsworth IYY Committee
Tribal Life: Xhosa Woman

Xhosa woman with a smoking pipe, while carrying chickens on her head.

Higgs Family

Child sleeping.

The Union Of South Africa

The Union of South Africa is composed of the four provinces of the Cape, the Transvaal, the Orange Free State and Natal. Together they have about one-third the area of India........

The Struggle for Democracy

A Study of community organisations in greater Cape Town from 1960s to 1988

Local Government Elections of October 1995 (30/01/1995)

"If a picture can paint a thousand words ........ "

United Anti-Fascist Rally

FIGHT - Gestapo and Ghetto Bills

Natal Indian Congress Independence Day - 1947

Independence day

Harry Camp, Lugg
Natal Indian Congress Elections

NIC elections 4 March 1945 curries Fountain sport ground


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