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Girl Guides of South Africa, Natal region 1972-1976

12 Brownies of the 18th Durban Cato pack who are pupils of the open air schoolfor the handicapped, they are going on their first holiday to the girl guide Brownie House at Fairfell, Northdene.

Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XX No.5 Issued 27 June 1973
Notes on Tutu
Notes on Matshikiza
Notes on Nkomo
Notes on Sekoto
Notes on Dingiswayo
Notes on Ngoyi
Notes on Seme
Notes on Mphahlele
Interview with Imrann Moosa

Interview with Imrann Moosa who is an advocate active in AZAPO. The interview took place in his Durban law office on July 11, 1989.

Interview with Absolom Zithulele Cindi

Interview with Absolom Zithulele Cindi who was an activist in the black consciousness movement and later in the Azanian People's Organization and the trade union movement. Born in Alexandra township, Johannesburg in 1950, he attended Orlando West High School in Soweto in the late 1960s.

Interview with Lebamang John Sebidi

Oral interview, in Johannesburg, with Lebamang John Sebidi, the first Black rector at St Peters Seminary at Hammanskraal, South Africa.

Interview with Frank Chikane

Oral interview with Rev Frank Chikane, This interview was conducted just after Rev. Chikane's appointment as General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches (SACC). Chikane, age 36, was underground at the time of the interview.

Interview with Amabutho members

Oral interview with Amabutho which refers collectively to quasi-military formations of township youth who were also often known as "comrades" or "young lions." Mainly active in urban areas, especially in the eastern Cape, most were unemployed school-leavers who supported the United Democratic Fro

Interview with the Midland Chamber of Industries

Oral interview with members of the Midland Chamber of Industries headquartered in Port Elizabeth. The aim was to explore their views at a time when political protests, labor action and repression countrywide were at record highs. A partial state of emergency was is in force in the eastern Cape.

Interview with D.B. - a returned exile

Oral interview, conducted in New York City, with D.B, a returned exile.

Interview with Lybon Tiyani Mabasa

Interview with Lybon Tiyani Mabasa, a leader in the Azanian People's Organisation (AZAPO) at the time of this interview, was born in 1952 and graduated from Sekano-Ntoane High School in Soweto in 1971.

Interview with Murphy Morobe

Oral interview, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with Murphy Morobe,

Interview with Marumo Moerane

Oral interview with Marumo Moerane, on his experiences as a student at Fort Hare in the late 1950s


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