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White farmers in Tsitsikamma area

List of white farmers living in the Tsitsikamma area

United Commonwealth
Union of South Africa: Expenditure on revenue and loan accounts 1939-40 to 1948-49
Unbanning of ANC: some strategic considerations

Notes on strategy after the unbanning of the African National Congress.

Thoughts after reading Alan Paton's magnificent Too Late the Phalarope
The New World Outlook
The Long View
The Indian Trader

The Indian trader made his appearance shortly after the arrival ofthe Indentured Indian. This pattern is evident wherever the Indentured Indian set foot, be it Mauritius, Trinidad, British Guiana or any of the British colonies.

The Fingos have been described as the first Xhosa settlers in the Eastern Cape

Annotated and edited notes on the history of the Fingo people in the Eastern Cape and their forced removal to Keiskammahoek

The dispossession of the Fingo people of Humansdorp-Tsitsikamma

Edited notes about the forced removal of the Mfengu people from the Tsitsikama/Humansdorp District to Keiskammahoek in the Ciskei in 1977.

The current internal political situation: briefing notes

African National Congress briefing notes on the South African political situation. Covers the political crisis within the ruling party, background to the present mass resistance, a brief review of current campaigns, and further proposals on a programme of mass action.

Tembani's personal "deed"

Handwritten statement about Isaac Tembani's application to reclaim his land in Tsitsikamma from which he was forcibly removed.

Telephone note from Gonda to Phyllis Naidoo

Please pass on the attached message to Phyllis.

Telephone note from Derek's secretary to Phyllis Naidoo

Derek's secretary phone says Derek lost my letter & he can't find it. With friends like this does one need enemies.

Sundry odd notes
Summary notes of meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General: Cape Town, Monday, 22 January 1979

Notes of a meeting to discuss the dates for deployment of UNTAG in Namibia, the implementation of Resolution 435 and the issue of Namibian refugees

Summary notes of a meeting between Minister Silvino da Luz, Foreign Minister of Cape Verde and Messrs D W Auret and J Marx of the Department of Foreign Affairs: Praia, Cape Verde, 24 February 1986

Notes from a diplomatic meeting between the Foreign Minister of Cape Verde and representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs. The release of Captain du Toit being held in Angola was among the issues discussed

Suggestion presentation list
Stephen Sihewula was the applicant

Government responses to applications by the Mfengu people to return to their land in the Humansdorp-Tsitsikamma area from which they were forcibly removed.

Statement by the South African Council of Churches, June 1975

Statement by South African Council Of Churches regarding a report by Le Grange, Commission of Inquiry on the Christian Institute and reaction from South African Council of Churches.


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