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Mrs Mackay
Mrs Petersen
Mrs Schwarz
Mrs Smuts
Names of those who signed Spiritual Renewal resolution
National Executive Committee Ballot Count

Results of elections for the African National Congress National Executive Committee at a conference in Durban.


Comments by the Thornhill branch of the ANC on negotiations between the National Party and the African National Congress.

New S A League
Note from Gonda to Phyllis Naidoo

Receive letter from Fotcher.

Note from Lucy to Phyllis Naidoo

Note from Lucy to Phyllis Naidoo

Note from Mike to Phyllis Naidoo

Note from Mike to Phyllis

Note on conversation with Oliver Tambo

Handwritten notes by Joe Slovo on a conversation held with Oliver Tambo regarding the International University Exchange Fund and the Craig Williamson infiltration. Highlights poor relationship between the IUEF and the ANC.

Note to Town Clerk

The attached judgment distressed me very greatly especially as it comes from Justice Broome. I commend for the Town Clerk's.....

Notes by Alan Paton
Notes for his Worship the Mayor on the The Indian Question in Durban as at 15/2/45

The Residential Property Regulation Ordinance No. 21/1944 Natal which controls the transfer of the occupation of dwellings from Europeans to Indians.....

Notes from meeting with Pete Hathorn and Ross Harker

Notes of a meeting held between Pete Hathorn and Ross Harker pushing for the complete abolition of the Trespass Act of Section 1 of the Illegal Squatting Act

Notes of ANC economic seminar

Handwritten notes taken by Jack Simons at an African National Congress economics seminar to discuss the economic situation in South Africa and ANC plans.

Notes of evidence given by Mr S.R.Naidoo

I live in Pietermaritzburg. I am the President of the Natal Indian Organisation (Maritzburg Branch). I have been in public life for a matter of 40 years. I was appointed a member on the COLONISATION ENQUIRY COMMITTEE appointed by the Union Government....

Notes of meeting at General Smut's house
Notes of meeting of ANC Constitutional group

Handwritten notes taken by Jack Simons at a meeting of the African National Congress Constitutional Group to discuss the current situation and the ANC's tasks. Kader Asmal, Pallo Jordan and Dullah Omar present.


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