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Answers to questions posed by F A Mouton
Prescription from Dr Mercy N Mlotywa to Phyllis Naidoo

Prescription from Dr Mercy N Mlotywa to Phyllis Naidoo

Civil Rights League Newsletter, Vol 39 No.2 May 1992
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXX No.6 Issued 1 July 1983
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXVIII No.6 Issued 28 July 1981
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXV No.3 Issued 3 April 1978
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXIII No.5 Issued 28 May 1976
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XVI No. 6 Issued 18 July 1969
Congress Policy on Segregation
Note to Town Clerk

The attached judgment distressed me very greatly especially as it comes from Justice Broome. I commend for the Town Clerk's.....

Notes for his Worship the Mayor on the The Indian Question in Durban as at 15/2/45

The Residential Property Regulation Ordinance No. 21/1944 Natal which controls the transfer of the occupation of dwellings from Europeans to Indians.....

Notes on the Residential Property Regulation Ordinance

Since a copy of the Residential Property Regulation Ordinance, 1944 as brought up by the Select Committee, became available to me....

Occupation Control Ordinance

Notes for the meeting with Administrator

1. Indian Penetration is not a single isolated problem.

Notes taken at Special Committee and Indian Affairs meeting

The Chairman explained to Standing Counsel that as a result of a meeting of the Special Committee held the previous day....

Funeral Notice of Mr Jay Singh

The cremation of Jay Singh, a retired principal, of 14 Hillcrest Drive, Silverglen; dearest husband of Joan and loving father of Ashika and Rochelle, father in law of Eugene Reddy son of the late Mr & Mrs CM Singh of 43 Trafford road, Mayville loved brother of Deomanthie, Shanti, George, Henr

Note from Gonda to Phyllis Naidoo

Receive letter from Fotcher.

The Indian Trader

The Indian trader made his appearance shortly after the arrival ofthe Indentured Indian. This pattern is evident wherever the Indentured Indian set foot, be it Mauritius, Trinidad, British Guiana or any of the British colonies.

Phyllis Naidoo to do list

Black bag parcel for Mabel, black bag i carried to Luisa Cuba - after contents expunged from it - give bag to Miguel for his back on bike.

Telephone note from Gonda to Phyllis Naidoo

Please pass on the attached message to Phyllis.

Telephone note from Derek's secretary to Phyllis Naidoo

Derek's secretary phone says Derek lost my letter & he can't find it. With friends like this does one need enemies.


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