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Memorandum to the members of the Indian and Pakistan delegations attending the Preliminary discussions with the Government of the South Africa

There are so many forces bearing upon race relations all over the world that one of the greatest dangers to a local problem is to move it from its context on to the world stage where often happens that it is lost or submerged in the larger issues....

Memorandum to the Minister of Bantu Administration and Development and Bantu Education

The memorandum provides a background to the political history of South Africa. The development of the policy of separate development and apartheid with a request for equal participation in decision making and administration at local and national government levels

Memorandum to the Minister of Plural Relations from the Congress of the Ciskei National Independence Party held at Ntabakandoda, Zwelitsha as from 13 - 15 April 1979

Memorandum to the Minister of Plural Relations from the Congress of the Ciskei National Independence Party condemning the Development Trust and the Land Act, of 1936 and its method of application.

Memorandum to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

It is the intention of the Committee to submit the following memorandum in the form of the general statement on the conditions prevalent amongst the Indian working classes and to......

Memorandum to the NEC by the Constitution Committee

Memorandum to the African National Congress National Executive Committee by the Constitution Committee. Attached is a proposed text for a document on the Foundations of Government in a Democratic South Africa.

Memorandum to the Shlebusch [sic] Commission of Enquiry into Certain Organisations on the paper presented to the NUSAS seminar at Botha's Hill by Jonty Driver

Personal comments to the Schlebusch Commission of Inquiry into Certain Organisations by Paul Pretorius, President of the National Union of South African Students, on a paper that had been presented at a NUSAS National Seminar in 1964.

Memorandum to the Town Clerk

Memorandum to the Town Clerk

re: Lawrence Committee : Letter from the Principal Immigration Officer.

I have considered the letter from the Principal Immigartion Officer of the 28th ultimo


Memorandum to the Town Clerk

The Executive Committee of the Stamford Hill and Morningside District Burgesses Association passed the following resolution some time ago :

Memorandum to the Town Clerk - Indian Penetration

Attached is a first draft of a memorandum to the members of the deputation which the Council has appointed to interview the Administrator and the Minister on this Subject.

Memorandum to the Town Clerk / Lawrence Committee : Memorandum By Natal Indian Association

I have examined very carefully the memorandum submitted by the Natal Indian Association on the 29th May last upon which the Council members of the Lawrence Committee have so far been unable to come to any decision.....

Memorandum to the Town Clerk dated 1st May 1940

The Town Clerk will recollect that on Saturday, 27th ultimo, Mr. Geake, the Principal Immigration Officer called at this office and was taken by me to the Town Clerk. Mr.

Memorandum to the Town Clerk, Anti-Asiatic Clauses in Housing Schemes

It will be recalled that on the 5th June 1942, the Council resolved subject to the approval of the Administrator to make a grant in aid.....

Memorandum to the Town Clerk. Asiatic Penetration : Proposed Judicial Commission

On my return from Capetown today I arranged and held a meeting with the City Valuator and Estate Manager......

Memorandum upon the Draft Ordinance to replace the Pegging Act submitted by the Ad Hoc Sub-Committee

Memorandum upon the Draft Ordinance to replace the Pegging Act submitted by the Ad Hoc Sub-Committee..

The General principle of the Draft Ordinance is in the opinion of the Sub Committee ....

Memorandum van HSAW aan die Voorsitter van die SVR werkkomitee

Memorandum from the Chief of the South African Defence Force to the Chairman, State Security Council, detailing guidelines for the formulation of a short term total national strategy regarding Rhodesia, including an action plan.

Memorandum: a study in political heresy

Unauthored memorandum on the history of the Peoples Struggles and strategy and the tactics of the National Liberation Movement and the South African Communist Party up to the 1950s. Critique of the African National Congress passive resistance and liberalism.

Memorandum: Conference 1972

A SASO memorandum to SRC Presidents, SASO Local Committees, Black Organisations, Overseas Correspondents and others about the proceedings of the 1972 SASO conference

Memorandum: National Working Committee meeting

Memorandum by Comrade Popo Molefe addressing comrades regarding National Working Committee meeting which took place on the 22nd September 1990 in Johannesburg.

Memorandum: South African Students Movement

Memorandum on SASM, apparently prepared as part of legal action, in Afrikaans with extensive quotations in English from SASM documents. Translation of the Afrikaans pages into English, by Sebastian McKay, is included.

Memorandum: the policy implications of amending or abolishing the Trespass Act No. 6 of 1959

Memorandum against the Trespass Act No. 6 of 1959


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