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Acknowledgement of debt between Asher Lixolile Ntanga and Peter Brown
Account letters

Letter written to a company on behalf of MD Naidoo.

A World in Agony
A Protest against The Asiatic Segregation Bill of The Government of Union of South Africa

Asiatic, Segregation, Class Areas Bill, Areas Reservation Bill, Immigration

A Pastoral Letter: To be read in Churches in the Diocese of Natal
A letter from the Department of Manpower to the State Security Council

Riglyne vir bekamping van die wereldwye veldtog om die RSA as die destabiliseerder van Suider-Afrika te brandmerk: verslagdoening vir Mei1983: U22/3/2/13 van 30 September 1982 en 22/3/B van 13 Oktober 1982. (Letter written in Afrikaans)

A letter from RF Botha to Geagte Kollega

Drielegige Konferensie tussen Suid-Afrika, Angola en die USA: Lusaka, 16 Februarie 1984. Accompanying document is a memorandum.

A letter from R F Botha to Geagte Kollega

Letter from R F Botha to Colleagues regarding discussions between Dr Chester Crocker and Dr Savimbi in Pretoria on the 18th February 1984. (Letter written in Afrikaans)

31.8.80 Lusaka The G.S.

Part of a letter to Moses Kotane concerning the organisation of political campaigns

30th April 1986

Letter from a friends

2nd Letter to M.D.Naidoo for MARCH, 1971

All being well I should see you on Saturday the 27th March,
and if t he authorities give this to you before I do, so much the

26th June, 1986 - Freedom day

letter to a family member. political history

1956 Natal Expedition to find the Lost City of the Kalahari: Letter to Keith Walker from Alan Paton
Letter from the Secretary of SASO to the President of NUSAS

The letter contains a notification of a resolution passed at the SASO Conference held in Durban on 4 to 10 July 1970 which effectively withdraws SASO's recognition of NUSAS as a true national student union.

Letter from Temba Sono (SASO) to Paul Pretorius (NUSAS)

The letter to Paul Pretorius (NUSAS) indicates SASO's intention to restrict interaction and cooperation with NUSAS.

Letter from Steve [Biko] to Neville [Curtis], Nov 28,1969.

Letter written to Neville Curtis student leader of NUSAS regarding the forthcoming restructuring of NUSAS.

Letter from Steve Biko to Thami Mazwai

Letter written to Thami Mazwai explaining the reason for not wanting to make a press statement regarding the work of the South African Students Organisation.

Letter from Steve Biko to SRC Presidents

Letter to student and other organisations outlining the historical background, structure and policy of the South African Students' Organisation (SASO)

Letter from Steve Biko to Neville [Curtis]

The letter queries the Preident of NUSAS on possible changes in the structure of NUSAS organisation.

Letter from Steve Biko to Colin [Collins] re follow-up discussion on financial assistance to SASO from UCM, Aug 15, 1969.

A request for financial assistance from the University Christian Movement by the President of the the South African Students Organisation Steve Biko


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