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The rise and fall of Grace Ibingira

A study in factionalism, nationalism and machiavellianism in Uganda politics.

Come what may

Editorial on the challenges of publishing The New African periodical in South Africa.

Remedying blindness

It has been estimated that two-thirds of the blindness in Africa is remediable or preventable.

Chibuku beer and independence

Notes about independence celebrations in Botswana.

Inside America

Notes from a trip across America at war.

Dammirifa due

Looking back on the death of J F Kennedy on 22 November 1963 and how Africa responded.


Two translated poems: "One day you will learn" and "To my husband", and two other poems: "My people when nothing moves" and "Vilanelle on a subject near to all our hearts".

Books and the Arts

Books, writers and reviews.

Helping the revolution: a story

A personal story.

A chink in the curtain

Article about personal correspondence between a "Frontier" donor and reader.

Will KPU survive?

The government has no cause to fear Oginga Odinga if it does not fear the will of Kenya.

The Living Story

African oral literature-a Nigerian experience.

Action against apartheid in sport

The UN Brasilia report stated that all states should refrain from sports relationships with South Africa.

The arrogance of ability

A report on the twelfth International Student Conference.

Inside South Africa

An injection of black students into South Africa's student movement is needed, for black students would act through their vested interest in social change and not through their consciences alone.

Kill or be killed

A Pan-Africanist Congress reply on unity moves in South Africa.

Words, words, words

Snippets on books and publishers.

De Gaulle and the night visitors

The second of this series of translations from the French.

To the editor

Letters to the editor.

Common sense and South African freedom

Editorial on "Common sense and South African freedom".


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