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The poet and crisis

Black writers in America and Africa are approaching the point where their emotional sensibilities and their physical involvement is being transmitted with tremendous clarity and acuteness.

Youth movements in southern Africa

The organisation of youth activities in central and southern Africa has to be seen in an historical perspectives to be understood.

Books and the Arts

Books and arts.

Letters to Mr Patel


Inside South Africa: a letter


Neo-colonialist imperialist military penetration in Africa

A declaration of the powerless-ness of Africa at this moment.

The Wananchi Declaration

The Wananchi Declaration is the political manifesto of the Kenyan People's Party (KPU).

Africa in rhythm and literature

Looking at music, television and culture.

A new start in Africa

The real problems of independence have emerged.

Books and the Arts

Reviews of books and plays.

Ibrahim Salahi

A selection of recent work by this Sudanese artist.

A revolution in Tanzania

A comment on the Arusha Declaration.

Implementing African Socialism

Kenya's revised development plan.

Tribalism and Kenyan national unity

Nation building in the new Africa.

The new Kenya

Democracy or dictatorship in Kenya?

The rise and fall of Grace Ibingira - Part two

Insurrection in Uganda

Tanzania after five years

Each Tanzanian feels he is a free Tanzanian.

Birth pangs of an ideology

An analysis of ideology development in South Africa.

Words, words, words

Notes on the written word.

To the editor

Letters to the editor.


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