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Zaire M-L on Zaire
Zambezi took a share
Zambia - bullets for bread
Zambia rolls out the red carpet for Inkatha
Zambia's humanism

Credo for survival.

Zambia`s principles on Angola
ZANU and the advance of the Zimbabwean revolution
Zanyokwe - for betterment or worse
ZAPU's witness

Book review.

Zeerust: a profile of reistance
Zephania Mothopeng
Zimbabwe - From War to Peace
Zimbabwe and danger of neo-colonialism
Zimbabwe dialogue

Eight months after the rebellion in Rhodesia the British Government has reached the stage of holding "talks about talks". To clarify the issues we present an imaginary eavesdropped dialogue between a British optimist and a Zimbabwean realist.

Zimbabwe is not negotiable

The whole concept of selective mandatory sanctions is based on a faulty hypothesis - that Rhodesia's political structure will collapse with the application of pressures on the economy.

Zimbabwe, the drought and the IMF/World Bank
Zimbabwe: a statement by the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party
Zimbabwe: capital of an ancient Rhodesian Kingdom
Zimbabwe: Problems and prospects of socialist development
Zimbabwe`s white liberals praised


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