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Workers slam E Cape "opportunists"
Workers spell out their grievances
Workers strike out against divisions
Workers struggle against retrenchments
Workers struggle at Forbo-Krommenie continues

The workers at Forbo-Krommenie have been struggling hard for the recognition of their union since June 1978.

Workers summit
Workers take the lead!

Workers must be encouraged to take the lead in the struggle for economic and social liberation, says Transport and General Workers Union shop steward, Jethro Dlalisa.

Workers thrown into "poverty dustbin"
Workers to visit Australia
Workers trap sex offender
Workers under siege on the mines
Workers under the baton: an examination of the labour dispute at Heinemann Electric Company
Workers unite - don`t vote
Workers unite for a living wage
Workers voice in the economy
Workers wait for Mandela's release
Workers win living wage
Workers win R38 000 in court victory

Fifty one workers at Stobar at Olifantsfontein through their solidarity have won a major victory in the Industrial Court which will prevent employers from unjustly firing workers.

Workers with progressive structures
Workers' advice column: Your pay slip


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