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10 000 Workers on strike
10 Fighting years
10 Years of the SALB 1974-1984
100 years poorer
10th anniversary of Sharpville
12 reasons to back Inkatha
12 to 16 April 1989 Congress
15 years of Zionist terror
1946: Five brave days
1960-Year of decision
1960: Year of destiny
1963 - So Far
1976 to the present
1982 - A record strike year
1983, Volume 7 Dawn page 3 Article: Response to a Crisis

RESPONSE TO A CRISISJAMES MAKHAYA, A combatant of MK, discuss the November white referendumThe history of the Nationalist Party is pock-marked with the continuous manoeuvres to consolidate their power and maintain white supremacy - the rule of the few over the black majority.Whenever their positi

1983, Volume 7 Dawn pages 1 and 2 Article: Editorial comment - Victory is Calling

Editorial CommentVICTORY IS CALLINGThis December 16, 1983, marks the twentyaecond Anniversary of the founding of Umkhonto we Sizwe: Though the past twenty-two years of armed struggle have indeed been an uphill struggle, our People's Army has always emerged victorious.

1983, Volume 7 Dawn pages 4 and 5 Article: The great illusion

THE GREAT ILLUSIONFirst of all 22 percent of the whites did not even bother to vote which is approximately 700,000 voters, i.e. about half the votes cast in favour of the 'new constitution' (1,300,000).

1985 Is your year!


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