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Constitution of the Durban Integrated Municipal Employee's Society

This White Paper sets out the mandatory requirements and guidance on the steps which national departments and provincial administrations should take to developed implement their affirmative action programmes.....

African National Congress constitution
New Constitution of South Africa
Ten proposed Regions for a United South Africa
Republic of South Africa Constitution Act 110 of 1983

Tricameral Parliament, Coloured race groups, Indian race groups, segregation, Bill of Rights, Prime Minister P. W. Botha

The ANC Constitution
ANC Interim Constitutional Framework
Constitution of the state of KwaZulu/Natal
Constitutional assembly
Parliament: making democracy work
Indaba - Constitutional proposals
Programme of Principles of the "The United South African National Party"



The New Constitution - The Elections of 1984

During August 1984 Coloureds and Indians who are registered voters will have the opportunity to elect men and women from amongst their own people to represent them in the new Parliament and Government of South Africa.

Guidelines for a New Constitutional Dispensation
Constitution Of The African National Congress

The African National Congress Youth League is an organisation of the youth committed to the ideals of democracy, freedom and peace. It is governed by and
adheres to the policies and programmes of the ANC.

The Interim Constitution of the Republic of South Africa

A Summary....

Natal Indian Congress - Constitution
Extract from the Natal Indian Congress Constitution - Rule applying to Branch Congress

Rules of the NIC

Draft Constitution of the Natal Indian Congress submitted for consideration to the Special General meeting of the Congress held at Durban on the 12 June 1938

Draft Constitution


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