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A reply to Livingstone Mqotsi and the anonymous members of the Unity Movement in Zambia by a member of the Unity Movement in South Africa

Circular by Leonard Makhuza Nikani, a member of the South African Unity Movement, regarding a circular sent out by Livingstone Mqotsi and members of the Zambian Unity Movement which contained accusations against I B Tabata and the Unity Movement.

Circular letter from A.K. Essack to members of the Unity Movement

Circular letter to the members of the Unity Movement explaining the current organisational position.

Problems of social behaviour in our movement

Discussion on the questions of alcohol and drug abuse and irresponsible sexual behaviour within the organisation and how to combat these issues.

Internal circular

Internal circular regarding planning for a women's workshop and a mini-conference on women. Does not include second page.

Letter bomb and car checks

ANC circular on precautions for cadres. Lists precautions to take when opening letters and parcels and when getting into vehicles.

People of Azania

A "power to the people" circular

Towards a campaigning and mass based ANC

Discussion of program of action for the Western Cape Region African National Congress.

The crying need for funds: a guide to fund raising committees

Circular entitled "The crying need for funds: a guide to fund raising committees" during the early exile years.


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