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Working paper background to republic day celebrations: oppositions to the public

This is a circular issued by NUSAS about the republic day celebrations,peoples stay away and students taking the lead.

Who is this Mr N. Honono now serving a five year ban and placed under house arrest?

Circular explaining the background to the banning and house arrest of N. Honono, president of the Non-European Unity Movement.

We will not be silenced

Circular publicising a conference to be held in Cape Town on 2 May 1988, regarding the resistance of church organisations to state repression.

Vukani zizwe

Handwritten circular in Xhosa, with English translation, distributed in the Port Elizabeth area calling for a strike.

Verwoerd lets loose terror on All-African Convention and Unity Movement of South Africa: the struggle goes on

Circular by the All-African Convention and the Unity Movement on the arrests and bannings of some members of these organisations.

Verwoerd lets loose terror

Circular by the All-African Convention and the Unity Movement regarding arrests of members of the All-African Convention and the Unity Movement.

Unity wreckers unite with police: they show their true colours

Circular issued by the Executive of the Society of Young Africa, giving their version of anti-unity events at a recent meeting.

Unity Movement members charged under the Terrorism Act

Statement by the Unity Movement on the political trials of members of the movement who had been arrested and charged.

United Democratic Front National Workshop

Notes adopted at the United Democratic Front National Workshop which took place in April 1990 in Cape Town regarding Natal violence, dual power, future of the United Democratic Front and recommendations

Unequal Education
Twelve statements: a christian elections manifesto

This is a circular consisting of twelve statements for the consideration of all christian voters in the republic of South Africa.

Trade union brief

Circular about the meeting between the Commercial Catering and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (CCSAWU), the Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union (HARWU) and the Retail and Allied Workers Union (RAWU) with the intention of forming one union in the Commercial and Catering Sector.

Towards a campaigning and mass based ANC

Discussion of program of action for the Western Cape Region African National Congress.

To town, to Eloff, to that exclusive White paradise

Circular urging the people of Johannesburg and surrounding areas to demonstrate against government oppression

To the young people of South Africa

Circular issued by the Executive Committee of the Society of Young Africa, accompanying the Society's Constitution (not included with this document). Call for youth to join the Society.

To all residents of Soweto, hostels, Reef and Pretoria, we say: remember you are all Blacks

The circular issued by the Soweto Students' Representative Council, in English, Zulu and a translation into Afrikaans, is an appeal to all residents of Soweto and surrounding areas to stop fighting amongst themselves and guard against the tactics of the government which cause division amongst Bl

The Voice of the All-African Convention

Newsletter of the All African Convention, Issue 17. Covers the African National Congress and the boycott of the elections.

The Trade Union Movement

Annexure B of circular entitled The Trade Union Movement

The Swapo rush for passports

Circular addressing the question why SWAPO supporters are rushing for passports.

The S.A.C.P. district committees

The S.A.C.P. district committees. Paper discussing challenges facing the party, democratic centralism, and organisational role.


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