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NUSAS Circular to SRC Presidents, Chairmen, Local Committees, Student Editors and SANSPA and Executive of NUSAS

Circular from John Daniel, Vice-President of NUSAS, to SRC Presidents, Chairmen, Local Committees, Student Editors and SANSPA and Executive of NUSAS, regarding the banning of the NUSAS President, Ian Robertson. Includes full text of the banning orders.

NUSAS new year's message

Circular from NUSAS to all students, parents, staff and members of the community about the NUSAS new year's message.

One person one vote in a unitary South Africa

Circular issued by NUSAS and SANSCO, urging all students to support the principle of one person, one vote in a unitary South Africa, in an upcoming poll.

Paper presented by Eric Molobi

Paper presented by Eric Molobi at the United Democratic Front's National Council conference which took place on the 17th - 18th December 1983 in Port Elizabeth.

People of Azania

A "power to the people" circular

Political trials begin

Statement by the Unity Movement on political trials of members of the Unity Movement that had been arrested.

Prevention of Illegal Squatting Amendment Act: Punitive Squatting Act signed: 9 February 1989

Circular relating to the prevention of Illegal Squatting Act of 1951 which prohibited the creation and occupation of almost all informal housing


Inner-Party circular on the issue of a probation period for new members.

Problems of social behaviour in our movement

Discussion on the questions of alcohol and drug abuse and irresponsible sexual behaviour within the organisation and how to combat these issues.

Recommendations on discipline

Recommendations by the African National Congress Secretary-General on discipline. Examines discipline issues and gives recommendations on how to deal with them.

Resource document for all going to Namibia especially drivers

Resource document for all going to namibia especially drivers regarding emergency telephone numbers, contact numbers in Namibia and route to Namibia

Revolutionary struggle in South Africa

Announcement of a public meeting to take place in London, about the revolutionary struggle in South Africa.

Role of riot police in the burnings and killings, Nyanga, Cape Town, Christmas 1976

Circular from the Christian Institute of Southern Africa containing personal eye-witness accounts of the role of riot police in provoking violence in Cape Town over the Christmas period in 1976.

SACP 8th Congress: Standing orders and rules of the Congress

Paper discussing rules and procedure of the South African Communist Party

SACP reading list

Paper containing reading list on the history of the SACP

SASO: Executive and Staff

The circular contains a list of names of the Executive members and staff of SASO for the years 1974 and 1975

Secretarial Circular

Indian penetration, Towns, urban Centre, reconstruction commission, Radical racial zones, European, Non-european, contiguous local authorities, land expropriation commission, water supply authority,

Secretarial Circular - Draft Ordinance to replace the Pegging

The first item for discussion on the Agenda at next Friday's meeting of the Executive is the Draft....

Signatures for cheques
Slum clearance of the portion of Dassiekraal known as slum Case No. S. 577

City of Port Elizabeth Departmental Circular No. 54 of 1954 announcing the relocation of forty seven families from the Dassiekraal slum area to New Brighton Township.


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