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Negotiating the Past: The Making of Memory in South Africa
Gatsha Buthelezi; chief with a double agenda, written by Mzala Nxumalo

Gatsha Buthelezi; chief with a double agenda, written by Mzala Nxumalo

Gandhi Letters: From Upper House to Lower House, 1906-1914

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in a little town called Porbandar inthe Province of Gujerat . His father was a highly placed state offical. He
studied law in Britain and acquired an aristocratic way of life.

South Africa's stepchildren : a study of miscegenation


John L. Dube and the Politics of Segregated Education in South Africa
Freedom for my people: The autobiography of ZK Matthews, southern Africa 1901 to 1968

Chapter 7 - Political Activity.· 1940-53

Chapter 9 - Political Activity: 1953-51

Chapter 10 - Fort Hare: Acting Principal: Trial for Treason: Expropriation

Food Authority and Politics - Student Rights in South Africa: 1945-1976
Education for you Servitude

Chapter from book titled - Naught for your comfort

Children of Soweto
A destruction coming in: Bantu education as response to social crisis
A Decisive Clash?: A Short History of Black Protest Politics in South Africa, 1875-1976

The campaigns against the Bantu Education Ad and the Western Areas Removal Scheme were generally overshadowed by a far more significant event,



Buthelezi & Inkatha: The truth exposed
The Life and Times of Thabo Mbeki
Sense of Culture
The Station Bomb: The Story of a South African Tragedy
The Frontier in History: North America and Southern Africa compared

The dominant tradition in historical scholarship is one that deals in single cases. The time, energy, and talents of the typical historian are fully engaged......

Cover page - The Anglo-Zulu War:New Perspectives

In 1879 news of the Zulu victory at Isandlwana reverberated around the world.A century later,modern scholars are still reassessing the causes of the Anglo-Zulu War and its impact upon Zulu society,southern Africa and the British Empire

This is South Africa

The Republic of South Africa, which In the past few decades has developed into a regional economic and military power of note.....


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