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Mahatma Gandhi saying and quotes

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."...........................


Gandhi and the Tamils

Writing in Indian Opinion on February 6, 1909, on the progress of the Satyagraha, Gandhiji said: The Tamils have surpassed all expectations. All their leaders are now in Gaol. Now-a-days, imprisonment is not merely for a week, but for.......

Sushila Gandhi (1907-1988) - Guardian of Gandhian traditions in South Africa

When Mahatma Gandhi left South Africa in 1914 he left a very significant legacy to Indian South Africans, an ideology of resistance

Gandhi and co-operative commonwealth

The discovery of gold and diamonds hastened the incorporating of South Africa into the changing world economy. It fostered the shift from a pastoral to an industrial society........

Problems confronting Indian businessmen
The accountability of commodities in a global marketplace. The cases of Bolivian coca and Tanzanian honey.
The economics of sugar manufacturing in South Africa
Cost of production
A general survey of the expansion and progress of the industry from 1910 to 1937
Economic opportunities and Mode of living of the Indian Community
The history of the Indians in Natal
Economic Structure
Social Review
Gender and the development of the migrant system 1850-1930






Toward understanding of the Black workers Struggle Against Apartheid
The Zululand Sore: Migrant Sugar-Estate Labour in Natal, 1914-1939
Working for Freedom - International Connections complicity or solidarity?
Working for Freedom - Exposing the hypocrisy of reforms
The crisis in South Africa


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