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Using the Past - Myth and History in Simon's Town

The fieldwork upon which this paper is based was carried out between 1970 and 1975 with the financial support of the University of Cape Town.....

Theories of Imperialism revisited in South Africa

The study of Europeans in Africa.......

The Union of South Africa and Imperial Defence, 1910-1914

The Union of South Africa's role in imperial defence is discussed primarily within the framework of her status as a self-governing member........

The" Kindered Spirit" of Imperialism: South Africa and Anglo- American Relations - 1895 - 1902

This paper attempts to assess South Africa's role and its relative priority within the broad parameters of Anglo-American global relations at the turn of the century.

The Influence of external events on Folk History in a Ciskei Village

Cata is a rural village in the Keiskammahoek area, which has been subject to the control of central government since........

The English speaking dimension in South African Politics

Paper presented to the biennial conference of the South African Historical Society, held at the University of Durban-Westville July 1981.

The Creation of a Mass Movement: Strikes and Defiance , 1950 - 1952

The paper is a part of a large study of Black South African political history.......

The Collapse of Swazi Independence - "The Road to the Sea"

Swazi history is by no means an unstudied subject. Unfortunately, however,
practically all extant historical works....

The Transvaal Afrikaaners and the Imperial Factor - 1877 - 1881

A hundred years ago, as a result of reaction among the Transvaal Afrikaners

Sources and Issues in the History of South Africa's small towns

There are few histories of South African towns and many of them are acts of religious, familial, racial piety

Some Origins of the Ethiopian Movement in Southern Africa

this paper covers some aspects of Ethiopianism1and draws from a.....

Precolonial Societies of South Africa: Some Historiographical Observations

This paper began as a contribution to a session on precolonial....

Grensverhandinge in die Oranje Vrystaat: Die Lotgevalle van die Korana Gemeenskappe tot 1860
Early Farming Communities of Southern Africa: A population discovered

Tbis paper summarizes southern African Iron Age research of the past decade, during which period the distribution and chronology.......

Die Verskynsel van Blanke verarming in Suid- Afrika - 'n Historiese oorsig

Armoede is n verskyynsel wat eie aan die menslike......

Die Ontstaan en Ontplooing van die Afrikaanse Kultuur

Cultural history demands to a special extent that the historian will remain true to the fundamental requirement of history writing, namely, that he should experience his material........

National Women's Day

It  is  National  Women's  Day  once  again......

Internal Resistance in South Africa: The Political Movement

The resistance movements in South Africa have shown an increased maturity in recent years, and this has found an echo in a corresponding maturity in the modification of the apartheid system itself.

Workshop Papers hosted by IsiZulu Program

I write to report that the workshop, which was hosted by lsiZulu Program, was a greatsuccess. The Dean of the F acuity of Humanities made a contribution when he...

Battling with Banality

This article deals with the history of nineteenth-century KwaZulu Natal, in particular the history of the British invasion of Zululand in 1879. While it used to be apartheid which threatened critical South African history, today it is competition and the free market.


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