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What Transkei Chiefs voted for: serfdom, rightlessness in "white" areas
What to do about the Elections?The current context

Press release by the United Democratic Front in which the Front outlines strategies to be taken in opposition of the elections.

What looks like an egg and is an egg
What is a nation

Discussion paper examining the term 'nation' and asking whether South Africa can be seen as a nation. Includes separate section on Language

What did they think they were doing? Chapter 2
What being a South African means to me
What are you reading?
Wellington M. Tshazibane

Death in Detention, terrorism Act, Tshazibane Wellington

Wartburg Press book review
Wartburg Press book review
Wars of resistance

Paper by Jack Simons on wars of resistance. Covers the Khoikhoi and San resistance, the Xhosa wars against dispossession, the Zulu opposition.

Walter Sisulu
Wale Ogunyemi
Vision into action
Views on a constitution making body

Views on a constitution making body tabled by the South African Government at a Codesa Working Group 2.

Valliamma Moodliar (Passive Resister died 1913)

The late Miss Valiamina Moodaly
who died after serving a term of imprisonment as a
Passive Resister

V Sirkari Naidoo - Fiat Lux May 1978, p.8

Mr V Sirkari Naidoo Biography.

Using the Past - Myth and History in Simon's Town

The fieldwork upon which this paper is based was carried out between 1970 and 1975 with the financial support of the University of Cape Town.....

Uprooting, Re-rooting:Culture, Religion and Community among Indentured Muslim Migrants in Colonial Natal, 1860–1911

This article considers issues relating to religion and culture among Indian Muslims in Natal which imported 152 184 indentured workers from British India between 1860 and 191 1.


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