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Towards the Decolonization of African Literature
Towards a mixed economy in South African agriculture

Paper by Mashiphula Mbongwa and Kgotoki Nhlapo-Lewis entitled "Towards a mixed economy in South African agriculture" prepared for a meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe in April-May 1989.

Touching novel champions the Zulus, The forgotten men of South Africa
Too Late the Phalarope reviewed by Harrison Smith
Too Late the Phalarope Best Sellers
Too Late the Phalarope - Books readers like best by William D. Patterson
Too Late the Phalarope
Timothy Holmes
Time on the Move

No, they were not inhuman. Well, you know, that was the worst of it-this suspicion of their not being inhuman. It would come slowly to one.

Throwing the Bones
Three presidents for coalition of the people

The United Democratic Front a political coalition of 400 labour, political, civic, church, women's and students' organisations opposed to the government's constitutional proposals - was launched near Cape Town

Thousands flock to United Democratic Front launch

Thousands of people and about 400 organisations from all over the country came to the lauch of UDF and messages of supports from all organisations nationwide and abroad were received.

Third World Industrialization: 'Global Fordism' or a New Model?
Theses on the current situation

Article about the current South African political situation. Covers government strategies, the character and implications of the ANC's strategic gains, the place and role of released ANC leaders, and the issue of dual power.

There is plenty of play left in South Africa's race game, race, cricket and nation in post-apartheid South Africa

This paper focuses on charges of match-fixing in April 2001 by Indian police against Hansie Cronje, cricket captain of South Africa, and the Commission of Inquiry that followed in order to probe the construction and persistence of race stereotypes in South Africa.

Theories of Imperialism revisited in South Africa

The study of Europeans in Africa.......

The" Kindered Spirit" of Imperialism: South Africa and Anglo- American Relations - 1895 - 1902

This paper attempts to assess South Africa's role and its relative priority within the broad parameters of Anglo-American global relations at the turn of the century.

The `Anthropologies of the South` Debate: African Anthropology and the practice of Anthropology

This contribution attempts to pinpoint the concerns voiced for and against ‘anthropologies of the South’, and to sort out the confusion that has arisen in this debate.

The Youth Struggle: June 16 1976 Soweto Riots
The wreckers if unity at work

Draft of an article by I B Tabata about the Anti-Coloured Affairs Committee, responding to a statement by the same title by the All-African Convention. Intended for publication in Ikhwezi Lomso.


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