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Anti apartheid organisations NGOs
Anti Semitism, Native Problem, Annual Dinner of SRC

Anti Semitism, Native Problem, Annual Dinner of SRC

Anti-Indian War in South Africa

It appears inevitable that anti-Indian war in South Africa will not cease for a moment even at this critical hour of human destiny. I honestly believe that the publication of the Broome Report relieving the white men from fear of penetration.........

Apartheid 1948-1961
Apartheid established 1948-1960
Apartheid is a cancer in the body politic of the world

The truth of the UDF slogan "UDF Unites - Apartheid Divides" was clearly borne out on Saturday as thousands of poeple from all over South Africa, representing over 400 organisations flocked to Cape Town . Image of Archie Gumede, one of the three presidents of the UDF salutes the crowd.

Apartheid Laws (1948-1994)

Apartheid Legislation in South Africa
Starting in 1948, the Nationalist Government in South
Africa enacted laws to define and enforce segregation.

Apartheid, 1948-1961

Apartheid established, 1948-1960

New factories, new workers*

Apartheid, 1948-1961


Apartheid, 1948-1961
APDUSA and the Liberals
Appendix: A landowner, three lawyers and a liberal
Art exhibition to be held

Art exhibition to be held

Art sale at Ndaleni

Art sale at Ndaleni

Article by Mary K Frank in New York Times
Article for Financial Mail by Alan Paton: 'I get up early on Saturday...'
Article in underground leaflet 'Freedom'

Article in underground leaflet 'Freedom' issued by the South African Communist Party in November 1967 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Russian Revolution

Article on Cry, the Beloved Country
Article on the imprisonment of Indres Naidoo

A crowd of Indians gathers around to wave good-bye as three young Indian men are taken away from Rand Supreme Court....

Articles about Indians future in South Africa 1976-1977
Articles of association of a company not having a share capital

Articles of association of a company not having a share capital. The name of the company is Centre for Development and Human Resources.


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