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Alan Paton's response to tragedy and God's love by Donald G Miller
Alan Paton's second masterpiece
Alan Paton's second masterpiece
Alan Paton's significant scrutiny of South Africa
Alliance paper: the alliance in the Western Cape

Assessment on the alliance in the Western Cape between the African National Congress, the South African Communist Party and the Congress of South African Trade Unions.

Alternative Education

Paper by Jack Simons on alternative education. Outlines an alternative education system for South Africa.

Amos Tutuola: A checklist of works, reviews and criticism
An Ambiguous Sexual Revolution? Sexual Change and Intra-generational Conflict in Colonial Natal

In his 1968 study, African Women: Their Legal Status in South Africa, H. J. Simons noted a striking discrepancy between law and sexual practice that was particular to Natal.

An Appeal to the People of South Afric
An approach to the Democratic party

This article argues that the Democratic Party is a significant force over which the MDM can gain access and influence and the Democratic Partys election strategy and its decision over participation in the coloured and Indian houses remains an explosive situation. Incomplete document.

An economic policy framework

Paper by Alec Erwin of the Congress of South African Trade Unions on an economic policy framework. Covers the present economic crisis, a mixed economy, social democracy, investment and employment strategy, manpower strategies, the educational system, land, ownership, worker control.

An Empire of Poetry
An image of Africa: Racism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness
Analysis of the Recent Clampdown

Article in which the United Democratic Front looking at the clampdowns as having posed new strategic and tactical challenges to all democrats.

ANC Discussion Paper on the issue of negotiations

ANC Discussion Paper on the issue of negotiations. Argues that negotiated resolution of the South African question is urgent.

ANC gold

Paper arguing against the nationalisation of the gold mining industry, by Peter Robbins, prepared for an ANC seminar on Economic Policy in Harare, Zimbabwe, in April and May 1990.

ANC lines up a new constitution for South Africa

South Africa declares that the elimanation of apartheid and the creation of a truly just and democratic South Africa requires a constitution based on various principles eg. state, franchise, national identity etc.

ANC Youth League in the 1990s

Paper following discussion between South African Youth Congress and the African National Congress Youth Section Secretariat regarding launching the youth league and formulating a Provisional Constitution of the ANC Youth League.

Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 - Indian Participation

ANGLO-BOER WAR-1899-1902

Anglo-Boer War Articles


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