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The preliminary nature of the Constitutional document 1986-01-14 African National Congress

Paper covering rights and duties attached to property and rights to education, power-sharing and rights of minorities, reconciling freedom of speec

Cultural considerations for a democratic South African Constitution 1988-03-02 African National Congress

Paper produced by the ANC Department of Arts and Culture from an in-house seminar on Constitutional guidelines for a democratic South Africa, held

The Pan Africanist Congress exists to subvert the South African liberation struggle 0000-00-00 African National Congress

African National Congress document produced by their provisional headquarters in Morogoro, Tanzania, regarding the subversion of the struggle by th

Planning for peoples war discussion document 1983-11-00 African National Congress

Discussion document on planning for a peoples war.

ANC Discussion Paper on the issue of negotiations 1989-06-16 African National Congress

ANC Discussion Paper on the issue of negotiations. Argues that negotiated resolution of the South African question is urgent.

Strategic perspective 1992-10-00 African National Congress

Unauthored paper on strategy and tactics in the context of negotiations.

Position paper on the cultural and academic boycott 1989-05-00 African National Congress

ANC position paper on the cultural and academic boycott, adopted by the National Executive Committee in May, 1989 in Lusaka, Zambia.

Body and procedures for drafting a new constitution 1992-03-31 African National Congress

Proposal of the African National Congress to CODESA Working Group 2 on a body and procedures for drafting a new constitution.

Suggested tactics and strategy in the mobilisation and organisation of Africans for the Revolution 0000-00-00 African National Congress

Unauthored paper on mobilising and organising Africans for a revolution. Examines the African working class, churches and the Bantustans.

Draft proposals for a new strategy of the ANC of South Africa April 1971 1971-04-00 African National Congress

Draft proposals for a new strategy for the African National Congress in South Africa.

Organise and advance to people's power 1987-08-21 African National Congress

Internal ANC paper, declaring 1987 the year of Advance to People's Power, which involves mass action, underground political work, armed struggle an

Constituent Assembly and Interim Government 1991-03-00 African National Congress

Paper prepared by the African National Congress Department of Political Education, on defining a constitution, what kind of constitution the ANC wo

Submission on the question of foreign investment in South Africa 1977-11-30 African National Congress of South Africa

This is the article about the submission on the question of foreign investment in South Africa submitted to Swedish Commission on November 30, 1977

Fund-raising: a revolutionary perspective 1986-03-00 African National Congress | Godfrey Motsepe

Working Paper by Godfrey Motsepe prepared for the African Ntional Congress National Fund Raising Workshop held in March 1986 at the Solomon Mahlang

Towards a mixed economy in South African agriculture 1989-04-30 African National Congress | Mashiphula Mbongwa | Kgotoki Nhlapo-Lewis

Paper by Mashiphula Mbongwa and Kgotoki Nhlapo-Lewis entitled "Towards a mixed economy in South African agriculture" prepared for a meeting in Hara

Paper on apartheid presented on behalf of the African National Congress of South Africa to the United Nations Human Rights Seminar on apartheid, held at Brasilia, Brazil, 23rd August - 5th September 1966 1966-08-23 African National Congress | R M Resha


The road to Oslo and beyond 1961-12-00 Albert Lutuli | Gunnar Jahn

Article about Chief Albert Lutuli's Nobel Peace Prize award with extracts from the speech by Mr Gunnar Jahn, President of the Nobel Institute on th

Towards the reconstruction of South Africa: the constitutional dimension 1985-09-27 Albie Sachs

Paper by Albie Sachs presented as the Third Annual Ruth First Memorial Lecture in Maputo, 27 September 1985.

An economic policy framework 1990-03-27 Alec Erwin

Paper by Alec Erwin of the Congress of South African Trade Unions on an economic policy framework.

Populism without Robin Hood? Forms of ownership and control in a post-apartheid South Africa: Summary and some proposals 0000-00-00 Ben Fine

Paper by Ben Fine on ownership and control in post-apartheid South Africa.

Does Luthuli deserve the Nobel Prize? 1961-10-30 Benjamin Pogrund

Extract from the Rand Daily Mail, Monday, October 30, 1961.

Education and family life 1967-11-00 C. N. Phatudi

Description of how poverty and poor family life contribute to poor education

The SACC and the Government 1980-08-07 Cedric Mayson

Article about the meeting of delegates from the South African Council of Churches and the South African Prime Minister and his associates which rai

"Power-sharing" Apartheid style: a critical analysis of the Botha regime's current political strategy 1987-11-00 Centre for African Studies, Maputo

Paper on power-sharing and the apartheid government from the Centre for African Studies in Maputo, Mozambique.

Articles of association of a company not having a share capital 0000-00-00 Centre for Development of Human Resources

Articles of association of a company not having a share capital. The name of the company is Centre for Development and Human Resources.

Nothing's positive in apartheid, says Boesak 1983-08-22 Chris Freimond

Allan Boesak address at the National Launch of the United Democratic Front held in Cape Town "nothing's positive in apartheid".

An approach to the Democratic party 1989-08-00 Colin Coleman

This article argues that the Democratic Party is a significant force over which the MDM can gain access and influence and the Democratic Partys ele

The Birth of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa 1979-00-00 Colin Collins

One day in July 1968 a group of students formed a separate caucus at the annual conference of the University Christian Movement being held outside

Africa puts the West on trial 0000-00-00 Colin Legum

Article on the United Nations Security Council's debate on South Africa and the Anglo-American accord influence on this debate

CCAWUSA Johannesburg branch: Discussion paper-the way forward 0000-00-00 Commercial Catering and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (CCAWUSA)

Article by the Commercial Catering and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (CCAWUSA) to all locals/Shopstewards.

East Cape Agricultural Union refers to Bill 1990-02-10 Daily Dispatch

Newspaper article relating to East Cape Agricultural Union's policy towards farm workers and farm evictions following evictions of farm dwellers on

Farm evictions: Democratic Party's policy 1990-02-10 Daily Dispatch

Newspaper article on the Democratic Party's policy regarding farm workers and farm evictions.This was in response to an appeal by the Anglican Bish

Kei Road farmers sabotage meeting claims priest 1990-02-09 Daily Dispatch

Newspaper article relating to the Kei Road Farmers Association meeting held to discuss farm dwellers' evictions.

Cape Provincial Administration to resettle farm dwellers 1990-02-09 Daily Dispatch

Article relating to the re-settling of farm dwellers evicted from Wolseley Estate, Kei Road by the Cape Provincial Administration's community servi

The working mother 1967-11-00 Deborah Mabiletsa

Article describing the difficulty of rearing balanced families with the working mother so much away from home

Sport: Threat to the security of the state 1961-12-00 Dennis Brutus

Brutus expounds on Special Branch interference in sports in line with apartheid ideology of white dominance.

Paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of Diakonia on March 25, 1980 1980-03-25 Desmond Tutu

Article containing a paper delivered by Archbishop Tutu, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, at the annual meeting of Diako

Persecution under apartheid law in South Africa 1965-00-00 Dora Taylor | Unity Movement

Paper by Dora Taylor on human rights violations perpetrated by the apartheid government.

The African family today 1967-11-00 Ellen Hellmann

The effects of migrancy on family life

Tax, redistribution and reality 1990-04-29 Ernst M. Khaile

Paper prepared for a seminar on economic policy organised by the ANC Department of Economics and Planning, Congress of South African Trade Unions a


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